Elf Radiation: Everything You Should Know Including Protection

There is no doubt that everyone comes into contact with some type of electronic device like a cellphone, tablet, or laptop in their day to day life.  With every use of these items, each user is exposed to radiation.  Electronic devices create an electromagnetic field.  In which, many people may stay in for hours at a time if they are using their devices frequently.



The low-level radiation that is emitted from devices are now being studied as dangerous to their user's health.  Researchers are trying to learn what the long term effects may be.  Some that they have linked to this exposure has been cancers, heart disease, and even Alzheimer's.  A scary thought, since people are surrounded by this radiation every day, but there are ways to avoid this exposure.

Surrounded By Electromagnetic Fields

These electromagnetic fields or EMFs are everywhere that electronic devices are found.  The field itself is the area around a powered up device where there are both electric and magnetic fields.  As a device is powered the voltage changes and the magnetic field is then caused by the electric current now flowing through the device.

While these fields are present because the device is working that does not mean they are safe for people to be surrounded by.  Every person has their own electric and magnetic pull within their body.  There are systems within the body that have their own electric and magnetic energy which may not mix well with another electromagnetic field present. 

What is ELF

Where does ELF or extremely low frequencies come into play? These frequencies are created by devices that have a frequency within the range of 3Hz to 300Hz.  If an electronic device has power it is emitting extremely low frequencies.  These frequencies are ones that many researchers are significantly concerned about in terms of altering our DNA and damaging our health. 

Phone Emits Harmful Radiation

What Can EMF Do?

People have been around electronic devices for years and many of them have suffered minimal problems.  At the very least, the problems that electromagnetic fields have caused are not yet apparent.  With more technology being present in everyone's lives researchers are scrambling to learn about this invisible danger.

Through research, it has been found that more damage is being done than originally thought.  EMF radiation is damaging DNA, causing blood pressure to increase, stopping protein expression of the skin, and even harming user's cognitive ability.  Low-frequency radiation is able to change living cells within a person's body and it is able to hurt them.

As radiation changes the plasma membranes of a person's cells it is affecting their entire body.  These cells are the link between different portions of the body.  They carry the signals to different parts of the body by taking chemicals to alter body functions.  With low-level radiation affecting this cells, there is the concern it will stop them from functioning properly.

Like any problem that can affect a person's health, some people are more susceptible than others.  There are people who feel the effects of using an electronic device right away.  Some experience headaches after talking on the phone too long.  While other people have no problem using devices for long period of times.  Researching these effects will give people a better chance to understand if they are affected by EMFs.

What Devices Emit Harmful Radiation?

There are so many electronic devices that can give out electromagnetic fields.  Cellphones, computers, and cellphone towers are ones that people think of first.  Some lesser-known devices can include microwaves, headphones, and even routers.  As the technology has improved for TVs any smart TV may also have an EMF.  As well as the fitness trackers that many people wear.

what emf can do

Devices that give off more radiation than others are the ones that people are using while connected to Wi-Fi.  The portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Avoiding using these devices can help to reduce the exposure to these dangers.  However, it is not always possible to completely avoid using this type of technology.

Watch For These Signs

Anyone can experience signs that radiation is affecting their body.  There are many people that experience these signs with greater intensity with less exposure to electronic devices.  A common complaint of frequent electronic device users is having insomnia.  This can be paired with fatigue, depression, and an inability to concentrate.

People may also start to feel dizzy while using these devices.  Or they will experience nausea and digestive problems.  More extreme signs can be tingling or burning of limbs, reddening of the skin, feeling muscle aches, and even having heart palpitations.

Something is lacking when it comes to linking EMF to health problems.  Some researchers know that there are links between these many health issues and using electronic devices, but the medical industry has not caught up.  When vetting patients about these common signs they do not consider that the culprit could be the smartphone they are carrying with them.

Getting Ready to Combat Radiation

A simple way to track how much exposure to extremely low-frequency radiation is to use an EMF meter.  This meter can show how many items in the home are emitting an electromagnetic field where ELF radiation could be lurking.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of EMFs in a home.  Start by avoiding the use of Wi-Fi by using Ethernet cables instead.  Avoid using a Smart TV that is going to use Wi-Fi.  Digital alarm clocks can be a problem and they are usually positioned close to the head.  Of course. reducing the time of electronic devices is the best way to avoid extremely low-frequency radiation.

radiation absorption in the head

For those that cannot avoid using their electronic devices, they should invest in protection while using that device.  SafeSleeve is a company that makes many anti-radiation cases for a variety of electronic devices.

The cases from SafeSleeve function just like a typical case and protects devices from falls.  They look great and they protect their users from the harmful effects of EMFs and the extremely low frequencies that they expose people to.  A simple solution for a problem that has quickly gotten out of hand and started to affect our everyday lives.

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