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Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones Set with Microphone

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$29.95 $40.00

  • Radiation Protection - Reduces radiation exposure from all your personal electronics
  • Air-Tube Design - Durable silicone air tubes transfer sound to your ears to remove electronic speakers and wires from your head
  • Built-in Microphone - Can be used for phone calls, voice over IP, Siri or other virtual assistant, voice recording etc.
  • High Definition (HD) Speakers - Exceptional sound quality, superior bass
  • Control Button - Answer and hang up phone calls, play music, activate Siri or any other virtual assistant with the built-in, easy access control button
  • Included Carrying Case - Zipper packaging allows for easy, tangle-free storage and reduces carbon footprint by eliminating wasteful disposable packaging
  • 3.5 mm Plug - Connects to all devices with a standard headphone port. Lightning adapter included with your phone can be used for newer iPhones without headphone jack 

 NOTE: For orders outside the US, customs fees may apply upon receipt of your order

      • Select and Install Your Tip Size
        • Select one of the three included tip sizes that fits comfortably in your ear without falling out
        • To remove tips, simply pull and twist. To attach tips, push and twist  Select and Install Tip Size
      • Insert the Buds into Your Ears
        • The tube can be wrapped around the ear to help keep the buds in place anti-radiation safesleeve headphones
      • Connect to Device
        • plug into headphone jack or use adapter included with phone if no headphone jack
      • Use the Controls
        • Click button - Click button will function the same as headphones included with your device if applicable. For most devices, one click will answer/hang up or play/pause, two clicks for next track, hold for siri or assistant
        • Control volume with slide ("+" to "-")
        • For most devices, leave the selector ("I" or "N") in the "I" position safesleeve anti radiation headphone controls
      Sensitivity  102 ± 3 db
      Frequency Range
      20 Hz—20 KHz
      Resistance 32 Ω
      Rated Power 10 mW
      Speaker Size 10 mm
      Cable length 40 inches