Could there be a link between 5G towers in Wuhan China and Coronavirus?



Although this has not been confirmed, 5G is definitely a topic we should be aware of.  And while mass fear and hysteria spreads across the planet amid this new, unknown virus, we should not dismiss the ramifications that come with it. 

While many are still trying to make sense of this new virus, it is important to note that respected scientists, researchers, doctors, and activists have been warning us about the dangers of wireless radiation for over forty years. 

Currently, Wuhan is the most 5G electro polluted cities on the planet with 10,000 recently installed 5G antennas. Dr. Leif Stafford, Swedish neuro-oncologist, has called this wireless rollout “the largest biological experiment ever.” 

In the U.S, a 5G antenna was removed from a primary school in Sacramento, California when parents suspected the number of cancer cases in the school was linked to the 5G radiation. 

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world such as Iran -- a number of articles in the media have stated that Iran has carried out “preparations” and is ready to launch 5G. However, Iran has had several deaths due to the virus, so these “preparations” are more so trialing 5G even with the infrastructure already set in place.

In other countries such as Belgium, they have decided to not trial 5G let alone allow implementation due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. “In fact, for the majority, the symptoms of patients outside of China, (especially with those away from the 5G), for the most part, have seemingly been relatively mild, as one would most likely see with a regular cold or flu virus, and with many of those infected not showing any symptoms at all”

At least 10,000 5G Antennas Installed in Wuhan Alone

What has not been apparent in the news reports is the fact that China in its rush to take the lead in the 5G race, had by the end of 2019 (and mostly within the last several months leading up to the COVID-19 outbreak) installed 130,000 5G antennas throughout the country, 31 with at least 10,000 antennas installed in Wuhan alone. (As a comparison, the USA only has approximately 10,000 5G antennas presently installed throughout the whole country.)

With the increase in 5G antennas, there will also be an increase in EMF radiation. But could EMF lead to weakened immune systems? According to several studies, EMFs may have an adverse effect on the immune system. And everyone should be more aware of this.  


China has made astounding advancements and created a very sophisticated modern country in the last ten years, surpassing many other modern countries in many ways. However, given the facts that

  1. we have data that shows that wireless radiation may impact the immune system;
  2. we have numerous patients outside of the 5G zone showing no or only mild symptoms,
  3. there have recently been 10,000 5G antennas installed and turned on in Wuhan, not to mention 130,000 5G antennas installed throughout greater China;
  4. there have recently been 5G systems installed in numerous hospitals in China, not to mention the new COVID-19 hospitals;
  5. we are seeing higher numbers of COVID-19 infections in places like Hangzhou and Wenzhou, not to mention South Korea, etc. where they have also recently installed numerous 5G antennas; and
  6. there has been no testing done to find out the biological implications of exposing life forms to this radiation


We cannot ignore that the real problem here may very well be that the 5G electromagnetic radiation is weakening people’s immune systems, not to mention possibly making the virus itself more virulent.

And if this is true, and if China does not change course, 5G might very well become its — and the rest of the world’s Titanic — with the COVID-19 (and others like it) its icebergs.

Maybe this is what people really need to start worrying about and perhaps it is time for the Chinese government, as well as governments throughout the world to seriously investigate and address 5G possible health effects, and put a halt to the premature rollout of 5G technology until they can prove that it is safe and until, safer alternatives can be developed.