Who We Are


Established in 2011, our mission is to bring EMF radiation education and protection to the masses, while prioritizing customer experience and maintaining the highest level of integrity and social responsibility.


Far and away, the health of you and your loved ones (and future loved ones) is the primary essential. But in today's world, our electronic devices play a large role in our lives. "Protect the Essentials" represents our goal of providing protection for both!

Design Philosophy

Our design style is indicative of our belief in the importance of aesthetics, usability and efficiency. Every detail of our products from the frame, to the materials, to the amount of stitches per inch and everything in between is meticulously planned and experimented with until we achieve the optimal option. This philosophy holds throughout our company all the way down to our logo and website.

Tri-Shield Logo


 At first glance, our "tri-shield" logo epitomizes the clean lines and attractive subtlety found in our products. Look deeper though, and you will notice our "SS" in the negative space. This is analogous to our products...sleek, stylish cases on the surface with so much more lying just beneath. The three portions of the tri-shield also represent the three types of radiation we block: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency (RF, Wi-fi), and thermal (heat). 

Don't settle for any less...anytime you see SafeSleeve's Tri-Shield logo, know you're getting the best in radiation protection, design, quality and convenience!