The SafeSleeve brand claims to provide cases to not only protect electronic devices but also protect their users. The danger that is lingering in electronic devices that many people overlook is radiation. These cases are advertised to be multi-functional and have radiation protection built-in. The question to be answered, is SafeSleeve a scam?


SafeSleeve is a company that has many claims to protect against radiation. The company has a goal to “protect our users from harmful EMF radiation, while establishing the industry standard in quality, mobility, convenience and style.” The claims of SafeSleeve are promising and their customers are talking about the quality of their products.

The Creation of Anti-Radiation Cases

creation of safe sleeve case

When electronic devices like cell phones and laptops were invented few people were thinking about health. As these devices have evolved into the smartphones, tablets, and advanced laptops that are available today people have become much more dependent on them. They are carried to every place a person visits and are often in use for most of the day.

With the added screen time that many people get, more health concerns began to arise. These tiny electronic devices can emit both radio frequency radiation and extremely-low frequency radiation. When in contact with the human body this radiation is reaching vulnerable areas that could be affected. There are many studies that have examined what radiation can do to the human body.

In these studies, there are specific ones that are geared toward learning about the effects of radiation that is put off by electronic devices. With concerns that this radiation is harming the public, there are many companies that have attempted to make cases to protect their users. These companies are not always looking out for the public and often produce a product that scams their customers out of their money.

The Radiation Being Emitted

radiation being emmited

Electronic devices can emit multiple types of radiation. The two that SafeSleeve protects against are radio frequency radiation and extremely-low frequency radiation. The radiation that is being emitted from these devices is particularly dangerous because they are used within close proximity to the body.

Few people use speakerphone or have their laptop sitting on a table while they are surfing the web. More often than not, people will hold their devices directly to their head or on their lap. There is little to no barrier between the body and the radiation that is being emitted when devices are held this close.

Many of these devices are used consistently over the course of time. A person may talk on the phone for an hour or even work on a project on their computer for many hours. This extended time period pair with close proximity makes it even more dangerous to be using these products unprotected.

To avoid radiation there have been many tricks that have been talked about. One is to hold any device at least eight inches away while it is in use. This trick does work in theory. There is a decay rate for radiation. The further way a device is held the better as less radiation will reach the body.

However, this trick does not work because these devices were not made to be used as such lengths from the body. They are portable devices that can be used in a small space which forces the user to have their device close to the body. What could be helpful is a barrier that stops the radiation from reaching the body while the device can still be used up close.

This barrier has come in the form of a protective case. Many companies already produced cases that protected the electronic device. Either from being dropped or even moisture. New technology needed to develop to include protection for the user in that case. Companies have started to produce many subpar products that make claims that they just cannot back up.

The People That Are Reviewing SafeSleeve

Claims by a company that is providing a new product can be hard to contest. There is no way to know if they are telling the truth or simply putting out a product to scam their users. The best way to prove a product is true to its word is from reviews from the public and published data from the manufacturer.

As people have bought and tried SafeSleeve products that have found quality where other companies have produced a cheap money-making scheme. The company has many positive reviews that come from customers as well as other well-known companies like Forbes. Everyday user loves the functionality that SafeSleeve cases provide as well as the protection they get from radiation.

A quote from Forbes can sum up the feelings of many SafeSleeve users, “they simply let you carry around peace of mind.” The products are designed to be functional and still work to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. In these aspects, SafeSleeve has hit all the marks.

Their cases help to block the radiation that would be reaching a person's body. They direct the radiation away from the body as the user continues to use their products in the way they want to. It does not distract the user from completing their call or internet search, it simply protects them while they are doing this.

The Minds of SafeSleeve

A product is only as good as the intentions of its creator. SafeSleeve products were not dreamt up to make a company money. Nor were they an addition to a case as an afterthought to boost the appeal. The cases were designed with the intention of helping others stay safe while using electronic devices.

While studying engineering the two creators of SafeSleeve realized that their fellow students were working tirelessly on their electronic devices. There are many times were using an electronic device for a long period of time is needed and unavoidable. To reach a certain deadline or even communicate with each other an electronic device is used.

This realization pushed them to create a product that could protect people while they used their devices. Technology is not going anywhere. It is going to become more prominent in everyday life as new devices are created. A person should not have to avoid using these products to stay healthy and with anti-radiation technology, they do not have to.

Products Reviews

SafeSleeve products are produced with their user in mind. Most cases that advertise anti-radiation technology fall short on functionality. Their focus is on the technology in the case, instead of the person that will be using the case. A SafeSleeve case provides protection for the device and the user plus it is visually identical to a typical case that could be bought in a store.

There is no complicated installation process to put a device into one of these cases. Most simply snap into the case and will stay there until the user takes them out again. Any cases with a flap are closed with a small magnet that is safe to have around electronic devices. The cases come in many colors and are always made from quality materials.

A product that is easy to use is preferable over a complicated one. Few users will continue buying or using a product that is hard to use or that is not aesthetically pleasing. The SafeSleeve cases are being praised in articles from Forbes for their quality.

While the primary goal of the case is to protect against radiation, it is important people are happy with the look of the case as well. In the article, the writer states, “The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” There has been a good deal of time and effort put into making these cases great for their users.

The cases are made specifically for each model of the device. This helps to keep each device in their case. Although if there is a device that needs a case that does not have a custom fit design, there is a universal case. Any device can be protected by a SafeSleeve product.

To best protect the devices the inside material is microfiber that prevents scratches on the screen. The outside of the case feels luxurious with a synthetic polyurethane that mimics the feel of leather. There is consistent stitching on each product and the colors of the materials are gorgeous.

Phone cases come with some added benefits. Each case comes with a few card slots. These card slots are protected by RFID blocking technology. This technology prevents someone from stealing information from credit or debit cards making it much more secure to carry them around.

Downfalls of Radiation Blocking Technology

There are anti-radiation cases that have hindered the way an electronic device sends a signal. By interfering with this signal the case is actually making the device work much harder and produce more radiation. The SafeSleeve cases are designed to direct radiation away from the body without interfering with the signal.

Many people are also concerned about the sound quality that a case may muffle. The SafeSleeve cases that are made for each model of device will have no problem allowing clear sound to come through. In the Forbes article, the writer praises the cases by saying, “The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.”

Overall people are worried that they are going to be scammed by their product. SafeSleeve have many people that has testified that they love the quality the brand brings to the table. The Good Men Project concentrated on the effects that radiation was having on electronic device users.

After reviewing the testing that SafeSleeve has done with their products they find that the “numbers are impressive, but besides blocking radiation I find the case to be one of the better cases I've come across.” The cases deliver on their quality for protecting both the user and the electronic device.

A Company That Does Not Scam Its Users

With all of the reviews that have been done for SafeSleeve, it is easy to tell that the company is legitimate. They are producing a product that is going to help users stay away from the harmful effects of radiation while giving them a product that they can actually use.

Even if a user does not believe word of mouth advertisements they can review all of the lab testings for themselves on the SafeSleeve website. Which goes to show that SafeSleeve is one of the few companies that do not scam their customers and have the data to back it up.

Safesleeve is a product that strives to protect all users from their electronic devices. Many people worry about the problems that radiation can cause but do not know how to protect themselves. The Safesleeve cases can protect against radiation from phones, tablets, and laptops.

Protection from radiation is a new technology. Previously, companies did not know that electronic devices were giving off radiation that could be harmful to users. As this danger has surfaced, many companies have tried their hand at creating a case that protects against this problem.

Who to Trust

There are many products that are being advertised that do not deliver on their promises. They make false claims or stretch the truth to force people into believing their product is better than it is. In a world where products can be advertised at every moment spent on an electronic device, how can a person be sure a product is not a scam?

It comes down to trusting other users. Look for testimonials and reviews from other Safesleeve product users. People want to give their honest opinion about a product. Reading many testimonials can help a user make an informed decision about purchasing a product.

The people behind the product are just as important as the product itself. Someone that is motivated by helping others protect themselves because of personal experiences is putting out a product that works. The Safesleeve company was founded on this principle by two engineering graduates.

It is always best to check the data of a product. Any product that is legitimate and can deliver on their promises, like blocking radiation, can show what tests they have performed to ensure their product's reliability. Safesleeve not only provides their data from testing, they break it down to make it easier to understand.

Here is a great comparison of SafeSleeve vs. other cases

Why Safesleeve is Important

is safesleeve a scam or real

The Safesleeve products are a much-needed invention that helps to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR is emitted from cell phones, tablets, and laptops. All of these devices are held close to the body. This proximity makes it easy for this radiation to reach sensitive areas of the body.

This close proximity is what makes these devices dangerous. Holding a device that emits radiation this close for long periods of time is directly exposing the body to the effects of radiation. The full effects of electronic device radiation are being explored as long-term data is being collected.

It is recommended to hold devices that have EMR at least six to eight inches away from the body. This can help to reduce the amount of EMR that reaches the body because of its decay rate. At this distance, the radiation levels are tapering off. The further away from a device, the less likely the radiation will reach the body at harmful levels.

Few people hold their electronic devices this far away from their body. A cell phone is held directly against the head during a phone call. While scrolling through social media most people hold a phone or tablet on their lap while sitting. A laptop is typically held on a person's lap during use. In all of these instances, the body is in direct contact with a radiation emitting device.

woman using safesleeve blue case

This technology has allowed people to stay more connected. It is unlikely that people will stop using their electronic devices to avoid harmful effects of radiation. With this in mind, the Safesleeve products were created. They help to protect the body from these effects while allowing the user to continue to use their devices.

With the Safesleeve cases, a device can be used in a typical manner. The devices can be held against a person's head or in their lap without radiation reaching these parts. The anti-radiation technology blocks and directs the radiation away from the body. This greatly diminishes the amount of radiation a person's body has to endure to use these products.

Media and 3rd Party Reviews

There are many users of the Safesleeve products that praise the company for quality and safety. They are grateful for the product because it allows them to use their electronic devices without needing to worry about the lasting damage the product is doing. Even Forbes has used the product and has high praises to give.

safesleeve scam results

All aspects of the cases were praised when one Forbe's contributor used a Safesleeve cell phone anti-radiation case. Their review of the case can be summed up in one simple sentence, “they simply let you carry around peace of mind.” This is the main goal of the Safesleeve products.

A product that allows their users to be safe while they use their radiation emitting technology. Technology is not going anywhere and people must start to protect themselves to avoid dire consequences down the road. The appeal of Safesleeve products lies in their innovative and sleek design that gives their users a functional case that delivers in quality and safety.

In the Forbes article, the user focuses on the quality of the case many times. Each case has multiple features. There is, of course, anti-radiation technology, room for credit cards, a built-in stand, and the case protects against damage from a fall. “The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” These cases are no joke, they are made to last and to protect.

The cases are not bulky like some anti-radiation technology. People will not be able to tell the difference between a regular phone case and the Safesleeve case in appearance. Each case is skillfully crafted to have beautiful stitching, vibrant colors, and they are made from long-lasting materials.

Each case is created to function well and to fit each style of device perfectly. Even if a case is faulty the company will replace it. Any problems a user has can be rectified by contacting the Safesleeve support. They simply need an order number and picture of the case to determine the problem.

A worry that many users have is that a case that stops radiation will also stop the phone from functioning correctly. With Safesleeve this does not need to be a concern. “The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.”

The case itself will not muffle sound. The earpiece is placed in a cutout from the case to allow for perfect sound quality. The case is snapped close with a magnet to ensure the radiation shield is in place but not blocking the speaker.

The Good Men Project also tested the Safesleeve products. Their article concentrates on the harm that radiation is doing to a person's brain. By using the cell phone case they are minimizing this potential. With the FCC accredited, independent lab testing of the shielding technology, the product users have more confidence when using the Safesleeve cases.

The author of the articles states that the FCC lab testing, “numbers are impressive, but besides blocking radiation I find the case to be one of the better cases I've come across.” Not only does this case deliver when tested in a lab it is able to satisfy every customer in its quality.

There is no downfall from using a SafeSleeve product. The products were created to give users protection and they provide so much more in terms of features. No user will be disappointed in the results that Safesleeve products provide.

Safesleeve Products

The mission statement of Safesleeve says everything that a person needs to know about the product. The goal of the company is to “protect our users from harmful EMF radiation, while establishing the industry standard in quality, mobility, convenience and style.” Not only do these cases protect the user, they are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A product that is hard to use, will not be used. The Safesleeve products resemble typical cases that are already in use. They are stylish and do much more than protect from radiation. Each style of the case comes in a variety of colors. There are brand and model specific cases, as well as universal cases for devices that do not have a personalized case.

radiation from cell phones

They are working on creating cases with different materials, but they are currently made from synthetic polyurethane that feels like leather. With an inside that is made of a microfiber to protect the screens from becoming scratched. The materials look and feel fantastic and protect the phone when dropped.

A user can use the phone cases as a wallet with RFID blocking technology to protect against credit card fraud. Even though each case is highly stylish and has many functions they are not bulky like other products. It is easy to carry the devices with the cases on them.

Using a Safesleeve case is easy. Most cases are designed to allow products to clip into the case. A case that is specific to the model of a device will fit snugly so there is no concern that it may drop out of the case. It is easy to close the case with the small magnet that is designed to be close to electronic devices.

Creators of SafeSleeve

The creators of Safesleeve are two Engineer graduates that wanted to create a product that could help their peers. During their time in school, they saw many people spending huge amounts of time on their electronic devices like a laptop. Many of these users were not aware of the dangers of radiation.

Similarly, the users of electronic devices often cannot avoid using their device. Students that use a laptop have assignments and research to complete on these devices. A person that works in a business that requires a lot of communication will spend a lot of time on their phone, as well.

Technology has quickly become a crucial part of school and work life. Without the use of these technologies, a person does not have access to the same resources as their peers. It was important to the founders to help those that needed their electronic devices on a daily basis.

The founders of Safesleeve knew these devices could cause harmful effects from radiation and felt the need to create a product that would protect people from these dangers. Anyone that uses their electronic devices daily is in need of a product that allows them to utilize their products in a safe manner. When they set out to create a product there were few options that people could choose from to protect from radiation besides avoiding electronic devices altogether.

Results or a Scam?

The results speak for themselves. Safesleeve is one of the few products on the market that proves they are protecting their users. Their data is published on the Safesleeve website for any user to access. This data shows that their products are able to protect against more than one type of radiation.

woman holding a cell phone that is emitting radiation


This is important. There are different types of radiation that will affect the body. Most cases that have been produced do not protect against all types of radiation. Typically, they claim to protect against one of the other. Sometimes, these claims are simply exaggerations and the products actually do not protect against radiation at all.

The types of radiation that Safesleeve protects against are called Radio Frequencies and Extremely Low Frequencies. Safesleeve cases block over 99% of RF. With ELF there is a 92% success rate.

Any user is able to download the entire report and read more about the success rates of these products. These tests were performed in an FCC accredited lab. Other products do not perform this type of testing because their product cannot stand up to an FCC accredited lab test.

A user is buying a quality product when purchasing a Safesleeve case. These cases were created to protect their users against radiation but have moved beyond this one feature. Each case has much more to offer to their users. By showing their FCC lab testing results Safesleeve can prove that their case protects their users and delivers on their promises time and time again.

A SafeSleeve anti-radiation phone case is vital for protecting someone from the harmful radiation that is emitted by electronic devices.  Electronic devices are a part of almost everyone's daily life.  In recent years more research is showing that this could be detrimental to our health.  To fully protect oneself from harmful radiation, SafeSleeve has a large array of anti-radiation protective cases for any and all of the most popular electronic devices.

In this review, we’ll compare SafeSleeve products and product features against several other competitors.

anti radiation phone comparison chart

Unlike other companies, SafeSleeve concentrates on making products that protect their customers in all areas.  The SafeSleeve products will protect against RF Radiation, ELF Radiation, and have RFID Blocking technology.  The cases also have 360 Degree Drop Protection, have been tested in independent labs for quality, will be delivered for free in the United States, and there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

Published Independent Lab Testing

The products that a customer receives have technology that has been tested in an FCC certified lab.  These tests are published for any customer to review to compare to other products that make claims about blocking dangerous radiation.  With this data, a customer can make an educated decision on what product is best for blocking radiation.  

SafeSleeve products are unlike others on the market because they have been tested in an FCC certified lab.  Most products claim to protect against radiation, but do not have the results from a lab to validate these claims.  

Blocks Over 99% of RF Radiation


Safesleeve anti radiation iphone case

Throughout testing, in an FCC certified lab, the Radiation Shielding Technology has shown to block up to 99% of RF Radiation.  RF Radiation is Radio Frequencies and are emitted by devices like smartphones as they transmit data through an antenna.  

The case will block the RF Radiation from coming into contact with a person while still transmitting the signals to the appropriate places.  That means less radiation close to a person's head while the phone is still fully functional.  

Blocks ELF Radiation

Many products concentrate on blocking RF Radiation but fail to block ELF Radiation as well.  ELF Radiation or Extremely Low Frequencies are often overlooked by other manufacturers.  Most manufacturers advertise that their product is able to block RF Radiation only, but it is important to block the ELF Radiation that products are producing.  

The Radiation Shielding Technology has been tested to show that it not only protects against RF Radiation, but will also help to block ELF Radiation.  Making it even safer to use a mobile phone frequently.  

RFID Blocking Wallet Standard

While many products are trying to block RF Radiation they often fail to consider RFID blocking as well. RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification is a way for a credit card to communicate with other devices during a transaction.  

With this technology, there are people that are able to pull the information from the credit cards and use it to their advantage.  This information can include a person's Social Security Number, phone number, and account information from the card.  Giving them access to the person's funds and personal information.

The wallet portion of the case has technology that blocks someone from scanning any credit cards that are stored.  This technology will stop a person from stealing this information from these cards.  Any cards that have RFID technology can be kept safe by carrying them alongside the phone within the RFID phone case.

360 Degree Drop Protection

cell phone case in back pocket

Smartphones are expensive.  There is no way around it.  When a person invests in a smartphone they are going to be spending a lot of money.  It is important to invest in a case that is going to protect this phone at times.  The SafeSleeve not only protects the user from radiation, but also protects the phone when dropped.

When closed the case has 360 Degree Drop Protection.  The phone will be completely covered if dropped on the ground.  That means no scratches on the screen, the outer casing of the phone, and no scuffed corners.  

The case is sturdy and protects well, but is easy to access when receiving a phone call.  A magnet is used to keep the front flap closed when the phone is not in use.  This magnet is completely safe to use around all mobile phones.    

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

SafeSleeve is dedicated to keeping customers safe and happy.  All products are designed to help block any harmful radiation that electronic devices are able to produce.  While other manufacturers advertise this feature in their products, they lack in quality.

SafeSleeve strives to have products that are top of the line quality.  They are made for users to utilize on the go.  The products are made to be easy to use and be fully functional in everyday life.  To top it off the products come in a variety of styles to match anyone's preferences.

With this mission, SafeSleeve offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If someone is not happy with the product for any reason it can be returned for a full refund or exchange.  It is a simple process to make a return.  Start by sending an email to supprt (at)  The only portion a person will not receive a refund for is original shipping charges, if there were any.  

Free Shipping on all US Web Orders

If ordering from the United States, there is free shipping on each order.  That means a SafeSleeve case or product will be delivered to the customer at no cost to them.  Most products have free standard shipping and priority shipping as well.  Thinking of a last minute gift?  No problem, select priority shipping and have it delivered within two days!

As more is known about the effects of radiation on the body, more manufacturers are trying to produce products that will protect their users from these harmful effects.  Many have tried to create products that protect from multiple types of radiation, but they have fallen short.  SafeSleeve products are tested in independent labs to show their ability to protect against RF Radiation and ELF Radiation.  The cases will help protect the user and the phone or the customer is able to get their money back within 30 days of use.

Notes: Safesleeve also offers laptop radiation protective cases.

When talking about cell phone radiation you will find that there are some mixed opinions. One side of the spectrum does not believe there are any problems with prolonged cell phone use. The other side thinks that cell phones are the cause of many health problems that we are facing more frequently since cell phones became big.

iphone case

There have been studies conducted about the subject to try to come to the bottom of this cell phone radiation argument. These studies have not found any links between prolongs cell phone use and any of the common complaints that people link to cell phone usage. However, it does not seem like a far stretch for anyone to feel unsafe using something that close to their head for a long period of time.

Many cell phone users have reported the same symptoms after they have completed longer phone calls. There are complaints of dizziness, headaches, and feeling fatigued after the calls. No one can deny that smartphones are used now more than ever. With this increase in usage the amount of radio frequencies that we are exposed to on a day to day basis is also much greater.

When using a smartphone you are using much more than the standard electromagnetic wave that allows us to talk to someone on the other end of the call. These smartphones are also using WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and the cellular data network connection is almost always running while we are on the phone.

When looking at radiation exposure from phones, especially iPhones, we are talking about a device that is on the higher end of the spectrum of the SAR rating. The SAR or the Specific Absorption Rate is set by the Federal Communications Community and there is a limit that must be met. There are many specialists that believe this rating needs to be updated. When it was first established people had not experienced as much exposure to radiation as we do now. Even though iPhones technically fall under this arguably outdated limit it cannot hurt to protect yourself.

Get a Case - A Safesleeve Case

iphone 7 radiation

There is an accessory for everything. There are phone cases that are made to help reduce the SAR rating of your device. The best case for shielding harmful radiation is the Safesleeve case.  These phone cases will help you avoid radiation when you are using your phone throughout the day. 

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay allows you to use your phone hands free while you drive. This is done by enabling your Bluetooth on the phone and connecting it to the car. Once connected to your car you will be able to start phone calls by voice commands and talk through the car’s microphone. With this technique you will not need to have your phone close to your body. It is also much safer to have both hands on the wheel as you drive and you will have less distractions during your phone call.

Balance Your Exposure

When talking with your phone pressed to your ear you are able to change positions. If you are going to have a longer phone call be sure to switch ears. This can help you avoid exposing only one part of your head to radiation for a prolonged amount of time.

Avoid Too Many Transmissions

cell phone radiation

The exposure that a person receives when all of the extras are turned on is far too high. When talking about the newer iPhone models like the 6 and 6 Plus they are able to get up to a SAR of 1.59 W/kg. The limit of the SAR system is 1.60 W/kg.

If you are to turn off these transmissions your SAR is able to decrease by almost forty percent. These transmissions are ones we uses regularly without thinking. They include having WiFi on all the time. Leaving Bluetooth, GPS, and data connections on will also increase your rating. Not only could this be dangerous they are going to drain your battery quickly.

Space Matters

When speaking on the phone it is natural to hold it against the ear and talk. When your have the phone this close you are getting direct radiation exposure. When it comes to cell phone radiation you are going have a significant drop in exposure by simply taking the phone away from your ear even by an inch.

Instead of pressing your phone to your ear to hear increase your volume. Set it to the max volume and hold it a few inches away. This is going to help decrease the radiation as you increase the space between you and the phone.

Speaker Mode

To get your phone even further away from your body use the speaker mode. Speaker mode can be annoying if you are in a place with others. Be respectful. When you are alone turn the speaker mode on and talk from a distance from your phone.

There is a way to have your phone automatically turn on this speaker mode if you are usually in an area that allows for it. When in your phone settings you are going to go into the general portion and select accessibility. Once there select the call audio routing and it will allow you to select speaker.

While this is a nifty way to automatically answer a call in speaker mode you will have to pay attention to your surroundings. Depending on where you are at the phone call quality may vary.


If you are not in an area that allows for speaker mode you can still use headphones. This will allow you to stay further away from the phone while keeping your conversation private. Apple makes EarPods that come ready for phone calls. They have earbuds, a microphone, and a remote. If you do not care for the Apple brand buy anything that plugs in to your phone with earbuds.

When purchasing a pair look for ones with a microphone. If they do not have a microphone you will need to use the phone's microphone to talk. A little awkward to carry and you will be closer to the phone then needed with earbuds. Even with this option you are further than if you are talking with the phone pressed to your ear.

Make Short Phone Calls

When you are not able to avoid using your phone close to your body you can reduce your exposure by keeping your calls short. When aiming for a good time try to keep your call less than a minute.

To make sure you are avoiding having the phone too close too soon do not put it to your ear until after the call has been picked up. When looking at your call screen you will know when the call has been answered by watching for the timer. Once the duration timer appears your phone call has been picked up and you can put it up to your ear.

Check Your Signal

When you are using your phone with a low signal you are forcing it to work harder to get the connection needed to make a phone call. If there are few cell towers in an area your phone will need to establish a connection through prolonged communication and increases the radiation produced greatly. The radiation will increase during calls with low reception. Avoid using your phone when you are in areas that your reception may be decreased.

Keep the Battery Charged


cell phone in pocket

There have been iPhone users that have reported the effects of radiation to increase if their phone's battery is low. While this is not proven by any studies it is easy to avoid. Keep your battery charged or at least higher than twenty percent. At this point the phone will give you the option to enter low power mode.

Keeping your battery level higher may help protect you from unnecessary exposure and it also helps your battery from dropping too low in voltage. With an iPhone battery you should keep a charge on them or they will have a much shorter lifespan.

Avoid Calls When You're Tired

With any aspect of our lives people vary in their ability to handle radiation. There are people that are more susceptible to the exposure called by cell phone calls. These people will have more the the symptoms associated with exposure from cell phone radiation.

People have seen that allowing your body to become too tired can lower your resistance to radiation. When you are too tired to talk on your phone just end the call. Allowing your body to become this tired and still exposing it to the radiation can be damaging.

Put It Down

When you are not using your cell phone you do not always have to have it in your pocket. If you are at home or at your job consider putting your phone on the table or in a locker. By putting down your phone you are not being exposure to the electromagnetic waves that are always being produced, even if they phone is not in use.

Go Phone-less (At Night)

radiation caused from cell phone

During times you will not be using your phone, like when you are sleeping, try to keep your phone around six feet away from you. Take a break from your phone while you rest and leave it in another room.

Putting the phone into Airplane mode is a great way to avoid the electromagnetic waves. When in this mode you are stopping your phone from producing these waves.

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1). Anti- Radiation Iphone Cases


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A great case can be the difference between a broken electronic device and a working one.  Choose a case that does much more than just protect an iPad or an iPhone this year.  Put the SafeSleeve cases at the top of your list for a must have gift.  In fact buy one of these cases for everyone you know.  Not only because it is a great quality case but because it has so many functions that typical cases do not have.

SafeSleeve protects iPads, iPhones, other electronic devices, and most importantly people.  The SafeSleeve cases are going to help protect your loved ones and friends from the harmful effects of radiation.  The case itself blocks EMR radiation that is emitted from electronic devices.  The cases are FCC lab test certified to protect you against these effects.

SafeSleeve Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases for iPhone and More from SafeSleeve on Vimeo.


It doesn't matter if you are buying a case for an iPhone or an iPad they both surround the device completely with case on the back and a front flap covering the screen.  This complete coverage helps to protect you up to 99% from radiation that is being put out by your device right now. 

The radiation will not be able to be transmitted through the case and will protect you from the harmful effects.  Even though the radiation cannot escape you will still have great service on your phone.  The signal that needs to be emitted and received for a call will not be interrupted.  

The phone case also doubles as a wallet.  There are four slots in the wallet that are protected by RFID blocking technology.  That means no one will be able to steal information from the credit cards that are in the case.  Your loved ones or friends will be safe from theft and radiation by using the iPhone case.

The cases are made to be lightweight so you will not have a larger device to carry around.  The outside does have non-slip material so you do not need to worry about your device falling from your hands and hitting the ground.  In the event this still happens the case is durable.  The device will be safe even though it has hit the ground.

The case for iPhones and iPads both double as a stand.  This stand can be propped up so you can easily watch videos on your device.  These cases have so many uses it would be silly to use anything else.  A great stocking stuffer that also makes you feel protected.

The iPhone cases come in a variety of colors depending on what version of iPhone you have.  Currently the iPhone 7 and 7+ case comes in black, gray, rose pink, sky blue, apple red, and tan.  The iPhone 6 and 6S also has all of these great colors plus the choice of seafoam green.  The iPad cases do not have as many colors choices.  Currently they are available in a sleek black or red.

2). Clip on Lens

Clip on lens for iPhone


It is no secret that Apple has concentrated on getting great picture quality from their devices.  They know people want to take quality photos of themselves and of what is happening in their lives.  With the quality of cameras that are equipped on Apple devices could they be better?  Of course.

There is no way for a phone to have every feature that people want.  People expect a phone to take photos that you would see from a professional photographer.  Everyone wants their selfie to come out perfectly and they never want to miss a perfect moment because of poor camera quality.

For that person that loves to use their iPhone or iPad camera look at clip on lenses.  These lenses will help them achieve their dreams of having beautiful photos from their device every time.

There are a variety of clip on lenses that are made for Apple products.  These lenses are able to give an even better picture from Apple devices.  The lenses are made to be lightweight so you are able to carry them on your device with ease.  The are typically smaller and do not get in the way too much as you travel. 

They boast many different features.  The lenses are able to change the way you are able to take pictures.  It gives you more freedom in taking pictures.  You can use features like a fish-eye lens or a wide-angle lens.  People will think that the pictures taken with these lenses are from a professional.

The clip on lens for Apple products is a great gift for the aspiring photographer.  They will love the ability to use their phone as a high quality camera.  You are sure to be flooded with thank-you pictures after you give them this gift.

3). Cell Phone Portable Printer

portable printers for iphone


Another idea for that camera happy iPhone and iPad user.  A portable printer that connects through Bluetooth to the Apple device.  There are many different versions of this wonderfully portable gift.  Depending on the size of photos you want there are different printers.  Some printers keep it small with wallet sized photos and it moves up to decent sized photos that are the size of a post card.

This is a fun gift for anyone that likes to document their favorite moments.  As they take pictures they can easily send them to the portable printer that is already set up and ready to go.  The printer will print their photo right then.  A throwback to the day of Polaroid pictures.  Only there is no shaking needed for these pictures to develop.

In fact most of these printers are very quick.  The only thing that may take a little longer is the initial setup of the printer.  Once the printer is connected to an iPhone or iPad you can quickly send photos through Bluetooth to print.  The printers typically take around a minute to print off a picture. 

They are easy to load as well.  Depending on what printer you choose make sure you buy a few extra packages of ink and photo paper.  People are sure to love this gift and quickly go through any paper that was provided in the box.

Consider giving this gift at the beginning of your Christmas party.  Let them play with their new printer and you can capture the memories being made in real time.  Everyone can take home their favorite photo to slip into the photo album once they get home.

4). Iphone Bike Mount

Bike mount for iPhone


Do you have someone in your life that loves their iPhone but also loves to bike?  Biking is always made better with some invigorating music.  It is also fun to track where you are going and where you have been with a GPS equipped device like an iPhone.  The problem lies in how to hold onto an iPhone while biking without dropping it.

A bike mount is a great gift for the athletic person in your life.  They will love the easy to install device and how secure their phone is while they bike.  Most bike mounts are able to rotate so the phone can be vertical or horizontal depending on what app they are using. 

If they want to listen to music as they travel they can flip the phone vertical to have easy access on their handlebars to skip songs as they please.  Music may not be important to them.  Instead they may want to have a map open of where they are headed.  For those longer biking trips they can turn the phone horizontally to have a wide view of a map.

These mounts are minimal yet secure.  There will not be a big bulky contraption connected to the handlebars.  Instead look for one that is made from lighter materials that can be maneuvered easily.  That way they can still move their handlebars easily and avoid any crashes. 

It is good to look for something that has temperature resistance as well.  No one wants their phone getting too hot as they exercise.  Anyone that spends time on a bike will thank you for saving their phone from inevitably cracking on the sidewalk when they drop it from their pocket.

5). Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves for iPhone


As technology has become more popular and advanced the accessories you are able to buy have followed.  Say goodbye to those cold winter months of freezing your hands to use your iPhone or iPad. Gloves are essential in the cold winter months but that does not mean you should avoid your electronic devices until spring arrives.

Gloves just do not work with electronic devices.  The material that gloves are made out of are not recognized by the screens of iPhones and iPads making it frustrating to try to use your device in cold weather.  Constantly pulling your glove off to check your messages does not need to happen.

There are the cheap gloves available that allow you to use your thumb and maybe pointer finger to use an electronic device.  These gloves were the first step in touchscreen glove technology.  As more people have become frustrated with the limitations these gloves present companies have evolved.  

Now you can buy gloves that allow you to use your devices with all ten fingers at any time.  You will never have to choose between having cold hands or warm hands to use your device again.  Plus you can use your iPhone or iPad how you are comfortable.  No more fumbling with one finger trying to type out a message.

With ten finger touchscreen gloves no one has to be without their phone.  That means taking pictures of the winder wonderland and making calls does not have to be a hassle.  Gift the gift of freedom from winter limitations this Christmas with ten finger touchscreen gloves.

Shopping for Christmas does not need to be a hassle.  Your holiday can be relaxing and fun as you watch people open great gifts from you.  Shop from the comfort of your couch this year.  Hop on your iPhone or iPad and order a few gifts to be delivered.

Look for gifts for anyone that likes Apple products.  There are so many different accessories for iPhones and iPads.  It does not have to be difficult to find a great gift for a tech oriented person.  Think about your family and friends this Christmas and get them a gift that they will use and love.

While it will already be well into the winter season when you are giving Christmas gifts make sure to give everyone a pair of touchscreen gloves.  Keep them warm and happy as they use their devices.  Allow them to dream of warmer times with a bike mount for their phone.  Encourage some great pictures with a portable Bluetooth printer or a clip on lens.  Last but not least protect your family and friends.

Give them the SafeSleeve case.  This case is going to protect them and you from the radiation coming from their iPhone and iPad devices.  It will also give their device protection from scratches and dents if they drop it.  This case is going to help them keep their device longer and stay safe from harmful effects while they do it.  Have a happy and safe Christmas this year.

SafeSleeve Guests...

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This year start planning your Black Friday haul early.  The thrill of shopping on Black Friday can quickly turn south if you leave stores empty handed.  It can be fun to let yourself be surprised by the amazing deals as you hop store to store.  However, if you really want to go home with the items you want you will need a plan.

Decide what items are most important to you.  Look at past Black Friday sales in different stores and figure out who usually has the products you are wanting.  If you are an Apple enthusiast look for these hot products this Black Friday. 

These products are a must if you have an iPhone or an iPad.  They are going to make your life so much easier and you will wonder how you ever used your Apple products without them.  Ranging from cases to lightning cables you are sure to love these accessories for your favorite devices.


SafeSleeve case for iPhone


SafeSleeve is a company dedicated to the safety of electronic users.  There is a rising awareness of the potentially harmful effects of using electronic devices close to our bodies.  There cases help to block the potentially harmful EMR radiation that can come from your devices.  These cases are FCC certified lab tested so you can put any concerns to rest while using them. 

The case by SafeSleeve surrounds your cell phone and is able to absorb up to 99% of the radiation that your phone puts out.  That means you will have a much greater chance of avoiding the harmful effects of radiation that electronics produce. 

Even though you will not be exposed to the radiation from your phone it will not block your signal.  The case allow the necessary signals to be transmitted out and in to make a clear phone call.  It will be much safer to carry and use your cellphone without sacrificing a good signal.

Without this radiation blocker you are exposing one of the most valuable parts of your body to the harmful effects of radiation.  The more you use your phone, the more radiation you are naturally exposed to. (Read more about how phones work here.)  With  SafeSleeve you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the majority of this harmful radiation. 

The cases for your iPhone come with a wallet built in.  Not only can you use the wallet as a built in stand but it also has RFID blocking technology built in.  This technology can save you from the headache of someone stealing your credit card information.  You will be able to carry up to four cards with you in the wallet and be protected as you do.

The case is very light so you will not have any bulk added to your phone.  The case is made from non-slip materials on the outside.  These materials are durable so you will be able to use your phone without concerns of dropping it and breaking it.  Since the case surrounds your phone completely you will have complete protection especially from accidental scratches and nicks.

If you also have an iPad you are in luck.  You can get all the benefits of the SafeSleeve tailored to your iPad.  It has lab tested shielding technology that is in the front flap to protect you as you use the iPad.  That means up to 99% of protection from radiation that your iPad is emitting. (learn more about ipad and laptop radiation here.)

The iPad case also doubles as a stand.  You can watch your favorite videos without the hassle of holding the iPad up yourself.  This case will help you avoid your fears of harmful radiation while relaxing with your device.  Just like the cellphone case you will have protection on all sides of the iPad in case of accidents.

Waterproof Speaker

Apple Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


No Apple product is complete without a speaker as a sidekick.  The Apple brand is known for music and it is so easy to pair iPhones and iPads with iTunes to get the best music.  Download your favorite play list for the holidays and use a Bluetooth Speaker to fill your house with wonderful music.

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market right now.  Look for one that has it all.  There are some that have the rechargeable batteries built in so you can enjoy your music without needing to buy batteries constantly. 

Consider buying a speaker that is also waterproof.  Even if you do not take your speaker to the beach or hang out by the pool too often it is likely to get wet at some point. Speakers are great to use in the kitchen while cooking holiday dinners.  Use it during dinner to play light music in the background.

In any of these instances it can easily have something spilled on it.  Avoid the headache of ruining a perfectly good speaker with whatever drink has spilled by purchasing a waterproof one. 


iPad keyboard


An iPad is a great tool to stay up to date on all of our social media apps, to scroll through the internet, and to watch videos but it can be cumbersome to try to type on one.  If you need to type a large amount of information it can seem impossible on the touchscreen.  A keyboard works much more fluidly than typing on a screen.

If you still want to use an iPad for all of your typing needs pick up a Bluetooth enabled keyboard.  These keyboards are often smaller to fit the size of the iPad but large enough to comfortably type with.  They connect with Bluetooth and usually hold the screen so you have the feel of a smaller laptop.

By using a Bluetooth keyboard you can still have the convenience of a small iPad paired with the ease of typing on a keyboard.  You can still be on the go but you never have to hassle with typing out long messages on the touchscreen.

Apple Pencil

Apple pencil black Friday


If you already have an iPad Pro, or if you are buying one this Black Friday, be sure to pick up an Apple Pencil as well.  While the price tag on this pencil is steep look for a great deal this Black Friday to get the best experience you can with your iPad Pro.  Many people think that the Apple Pencil is not worth the buy until they try it.  It is honestly outstanding what you can do with this pencil.

The Apple Pencil has accuracy I have never seen in a stylus.  If you are someone that likes to draw on your iPad you have to get an Apple Pencil.  It will allow you to have complete control over your iPad Pro so your picture comes out perfectly.

It can also help you in your classes.  If you prefer to take notes the old fashion way, yes I'm talking about a paper and pencil, you may want to replace it with an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.  You will still have the capability to take notes by hand but you will have access to more utensils at the touch of a button. 

By using the note taking apps on the iPad you can write, highlight, erase, and so much more all with the Apple Pencil.  There is also almost no lag with the Apple Pencil.  Meaning you will not miss any key points as you take notes. 

Lightning Cable to SD card

Apple Lightning to SD Card


A complaint I hear about iPads frequently is the fact there is not spot for a SD card.  While this is a valid point for anyone that is use to using an SD card you do not have to avoid buying an iPad.  If you already own an iPad and have become frustrated with this certain feature don't worry. 

You can now buy an adapter that is a lightning cable on one end and on the other is an SD card slot.  There is also lightning cable to USB cords to hook your iPad up to the computer.  Use the iPad to edit your photos or to show friends and family.  Never feel like you do not have access to your pictures with this nifty little adaptor.

Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods


Apple AirPods are a must have for anyone that frequently listens to music using their iPhone or iPad.  They are completely wireless.  That means no more tangled cords and no more cutting out if the cords become damaged.  Instead they use Bluetooth technology to connect to your device.  They are intuitive to how you use them. 

When you place the AirPods into your ears the music will begin to play automatically.  If you need to take them out for any reason they will stop playing.  When only using one AirPod to listen to music they will automatically adjust the music so you can hear from that ear only. 

You can even change the volume and the song from the AirPods.  Make a call or ask Siri a question all through the small little devices.  You do not need to worry about the battery life either.  These little devices pack a punch.  You will have up to five hours of listening time per charge.

There is a charging case that has additional charges so you are never without a charge.  You can have up to 24 hours of listen time if you have the charging case with you.  For those times you forgot to charge them you can pop them into the charging case for just fifteen minutes and you will have an additional three hours of listening time. 

iPhone Lightning Dock

iPhone lightning dock


A complaint that has been heard from Apple is the fact that the new iPhone lacks the ability to charge and have headphones plugged in at the same time.  Now you are able to use the iPhone Lightning Dock which will charge your iPhone while you plug in wired headphones. 

This docking station is small and sleek.  It is able to hold your phone upright for easy access.  If you want to use the phone while it is on the dock feel free.  You can still unlock the phone while it is docked. 

From this docking station you can charge and listen to music.  You could also use it to charge and watch videos.  If you need to make any speakerphone calls this station will allow you to continue to charge your phone without taking away the quality of the call.  The audio will still be crisp and clear. 

Use this dock to keep your battery up so you can plug in a wired speaker to your iPhone.  Enjoy music all day long as you pair your phone with a speaker so you are not limited to wired headphones.

Black Friday is a great day to go out and spend some time with friends.  Wait in the longer lines and get a great deal on those expensive products you typically wouldn't want to buy.  As long as you do not get yourself caught up in too big of a dispute over a deal with a fellow shopper your Black Friday is sure to be filled with spending money, fun, and great deals.

There are many different Apple products and accessories that will be on sale this year.  As new products are being released older Apple products will be on extreme discount.  Similarly you will be able to find great accessories for all of these devices on sale this year.  Look for a few essentials while shopping.

Make sure you get a case that is going to help your devices last longer and even help protect you from the device as you use them.  Have a little fun with a new speaker or invest in the Apple AirPods.  Really get the most out of your iPad with a keyboard and Apple Pencil.  Finally have more freedom when you use an iPhone dock and a converter to pair SD cards with your devices.

No matter what type of accessory you are looking for there is something great to be bought this Black Friday.  Watch out for great deals on all of the Apple products and accessories.

Cyber Monday is a day that everyone looks forward to. Great deals are sure to be won on Cyber Monday.  The best part you do not have to face the crowds. There is no pushing through a crowd of people or waiting in line for hours. 

Really is that deal worth the stress of facing hundreds of other people that want the same item as you?  Instead use Cyber Monday to do your shopping. You are only a few clicks away from getting that must have deal on your wish list. 

cyber monday sale safesleeve


Stores realize that Cyber Monday is becoming just as big if not bigger than Black Friday.  There are more companies that are catering to the consumer that would rather stay at home to get the best deals.  That means more deals for you as more companies jump on board. Deals on items like Apple products.

Plan for your best Cyber Monday this year.  Make a list of items that you are going to want to buy.  Research a few sites that typically have the best deals.  See if they have any sneak peaks into what deals they will have this year.  There will be many must have items for sale for anyone that loves Apple products.  There are great items that can be used with iPads and iPhones.

Remember to pick up a few items to help protect your favorite Apple devices like screen protectors.  Find a few new chargers to keep your battery always at 100%.  Invest in a great charging cord while they are on sale.  In fact buy a few one for every room in the house.  Even look at using your iPhone to create great quality videos with a new lens.

1). Safe Sleeve Anti-Radiation Iphone Screen Protector

iphone 7 anti radiation case


Iphones are an expensive product.  It can be devastating to find that you have scratched the screen of your iPhone.  Honestly there are the five stages of grief when you find a bad scratch on your phone. Denial. You vigorously try to wipe the scratch away even though it is obvious it is the size of the Grand Canyon. Anger. You may scream at the world to try to understand why the screen isn't more durable. 

Bargaining. This is the most desperate of all the steps.  You wish you had just paid more attention to what you were doing. Then the whole situation would be different and you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. Depression. You may question why you must ruin all great things in your life. Finally you get to acceptance. The scratch is a valuable lesson in the life of an iPhone user and it will never happen again.

All jokes aside a scratch on your iphone screen can be devastating. But what's worse is coming to the understanding that cell phones emit dangerous radiation. Without a proper screen protector; you and your loved ones are subject the various effects of harmful radiation.

That's why the number one cyber Monday gift of 2017 is an anti radiation phone case.

An anti-radiation phone case not only protects your cell phone screen from drops, damage, and scrapes but more importantly protects the user from scientifically proven radiation. 

If you want to score the hottest gift this Cyber Monday at a major discount, go with a case from Safe Sleeve. 

Air Vent Wireless Car Charger

iPhone Air Vent Wireless Car Charger


We all live our lives on the go.  Smartphones have made it much easier to travel and still stay connected with the people around us.  It is simple to quickly check your email as you are in between errands.  Or make a quick phone call as you are shopping for a few things you need.  The problem is when your phone's battery starts to dwindle.  Typical car chargers can be slow and who wants to fumble with plugging their phone in as they drive when they realize it is dying?

There are wireless car chargers for iPhones that make it much easier to keep your phone fully charged at all times.  Some clip onto your air vents so they are easily accessible as you drive.  The charger uses a magnet to hold onto your phone as it charges.  That means no hassling with putting your phone into a cradle and no cord to plug in.  Simple put your phone over the charger and it is set into place.

As soon as your phone is touching the charger it will start to charge.  It is still within reach when you need to get out of the car and there are no strings attached.  Literally.  These chargers are easy to assemble and take virtually no installation since they clip onto the air vents.

Video Lenses

Video Lenses for iPhone


There are many people who have discovered the wonderful world of clip on lenses for taking photos with their iPhone or iPad.  In a similar fashion there are also clip on or plug in adapters to help your device take great videos.  These adapters typically pair with an app that you download onto the iPhone. 

Depending on what you are looking for there are different qualities that you may look for in one of these devices.  Some of the plug in or clip on video adapters concentrate on movement.  They help you capture real time events that are packed full of energy and movement.  Meaning those that are athletic will enjoy creating videos as they take on their next adventure.

Others concentrate on the sound quality when paired with crisp and clear video.  No matter what you want to do from record yourself learning a new skate trick to record your cover of a favorite song there is an adapter to help you achieve this.

These video adapters will change the way your iPhone is able to take video.  They give you more options for how you record your videos and will give you different quality videos than if you simply used the camera alone. 

Durable Lightning Cable

Durable Lightning Cable for iPhone


Nothing is more annoying than going to charge your iPhone or iPad and finding that your lightning cable has broken.  It always seems like there is only one cable in the house when it finally goes out.  There is no way to charge until you buy a new one from the store.  Meaning you have to conserve the last bit of your battery or face the world without your phone.

Look for a lightning cable that is made from durable materials.  The cheap ones you can buy will work for a time but they ultimately break.  It always seems like the cheaper you go the longer it takes to charge your device as well. 

The other problem often faced with charging cables is the fact they are so short.  When you get a cable with your device it is a standard length of three feet.  While this seems like more than enough once you plug it into the outlet and try to put your device on a table you find out just how short this really is.

Avoid the balancing act that comes with a short charging cable.  When you lay your iPhone or iPad precariously on top of something so it can charge within arms reach.  It almost always ends up falling down and hopefully not damaging the device.

Instead of this headache just go buy a longer cable.  There are cables that range from three feet up to ten feet.  Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room and opt for the longer cable.  At some point you are going to want to plug in your device and still use it from the comfort of your couch. 

Portable Charger

Portable Charger for iPhone


No one ever wants to be without their phone.  The most dreaded image anyone can see is the battery in the corner of their screen almost out of juice.  It always seem like your device is running low on juice when you are nowhere near a charger. 

Unless you are lucky enough to have a wall charger and cord with you it is unlikely you are going to find one just laying around as you go throughout your day.  Instead of giving up and just letting your phone die invest in a portable charger. 

There are many types of portable chargers available.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors depending on what is most important to you.  If you want something that is going to match your phone look for a smaller power pack that comes in a sleek design.  If you are more concerned with the power behind the device you may want to opt for a more muted design.

These power packs are charged through a USB until they are ready to go.  Once you have a fully charged power pack you are ready to hook up your USB to lightning cable and be on your way.  You never have to be without juice again.

This Cyber Monday look for a power pack that is able to hold more than one charge.  There are some that are able to charge your device up to four times before it needs to be charged again.  Look for good deals on the more expensive power packs so you never have to worry. 

The best part about power packs is the fact they are made to be portable.  They typically slip into your pocket with ease and some even allow the cord to be stored flush with the device so it isn't hanging out.  They are easy to store in a purse, pocket, or even in the car for those charging on the go moments.

Cyber Monday is about getting great deals.  There are many products to choose from and so many stores that are starting to participate more in Cyber Monday sales.  You will not want to miss the great deals that are out there.

The best part about Cyber Monday is shopping from the comfort of your own home.  You can quickly look at all of the sites you want and choose what products are going to be the best deal for you.  Be sure to catch a few of these great products for your iPhone and iPad.  These are must have accessories for those Apple products we love.


How Do Cell Phones Work

July 01, 2017

mobile phone technology

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Technology is an ever present component in our day to day lives.  As technology grows we come to expect more from every device we use.  Communication technology has grown vastly over the years.  Starting with simple land lines which are telephones that was connected directly to a wall and growing into the smartphones that we know today.  Land lines are becoming more obsolete.  They are typically seen in professional workplaces.  In our day to day lives it is much easier to use cell phones.

Cell phones have grown from the chunky devices that they once were.  When cell phones were first developed they only made calls.  They were too large to really carry as a mobile phone.  Instead of the sleek design we are use to today they resembled their land line counterparts greatly.  As technology grew the phones became smaller, there was a simple number pad and directional pad, and there were even a few games to play.

Now we expect much more from our smartphones.  Many people avoid using smartphones for their rudimentary purpose of making phone calls.  Texting is easily surpassing making phone calls.  It is quick and easy.  We expect phones are able to play games, text, hold hundreds of apps, take professional quality photos, edit photos, take videos, tell us the weather, keep track of our schedules, wake us up, act as a flashlight, and basically be an office to go. 

This list barely grazes the surface of what people are able to do on their smartphones now.  Smartphone technology is growing and becoming more powerful.  Using a smartphone is becoming the standard.  This technology will only continue to grow.  Even though the technology is changing and we are developing better phones the basic technology is still similar to when it started. 

Wireless Cell Phones

wireless cell phone

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The appeal of a cell phone is the ability to do everything on the go.  Our fast pace lives do not allow us to stop moving.  Land lines are much too constricting in how they work.  A land line needs an electrical cable to communicate your call.  In the most basic sense a land line transmits your words through a wire and it ends up at your desired location.  There are a few extra pieces in between but cell phones are much more advanced.

A cell phone sends your calls through to another person without having a wire connection.  This is executed through electromagnetic radio waves.  These waves are able to receive and send the sounds that are typically transmitted through a wire.

Electromagnetic radio waves are used in many different devices.  As you go throughout your day you are surrounded by devices that are transmitting these waves.  Whether you are at home watching a TV show, in the car making a phone call, or at work typing on a computer.  There are electromagnetic radio waves flowing all around you.  Our favorite small devices, smartphones, are quickly becoming the biggest source of electromagnetic energy being used.


make phone call

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Making a phone call starts with one cell phone capturing a person's voice through the phone's microphone.  This microphone takes in the sounds that you are making and converts this information into a pattern of electrical signals.  To send these signals through radio waves they must then be converted into a series of numbers.  A microchip in the phone is able to make this conversion.  Then these numbers are transmitted through an antenna .

After these radio waves leave the phone's antenna they travel through the air until they reach a cell phone mast.  This mast will be the go between for the caller and the receiver.  It will help to transmit your call to locations that are further away.

The mast collects the signals from antennas and all of the signals are organized by the base station.  There are many local portions of a cell network.  These local stations are called cells.  The base stations are able to transmit the calls to the intended recipient. 

Depending on what type of call you are making your call will travel a different path.  If you are making a phone call to someone that has the same network as you the call will have a more direct route.  The call will end up at a base station that is closest to the recipient's location then ultimately end with the recipient.  If you are calling a different network or a land line the call will have to route itself to different stations.  These calls will go through different networks until they are connected with their recipient.

All of this information is traveling at the speed of light to help you make your phone call.  Your information is converted through your phone, bounced off different stations, and transmitted through the speaker of another phone almost instantaneously.  This speed and efficiency is only possible because of the way networks are setup. 

Masts cell phone masts

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In a basic sense you could compare a cell phone to a walkie talkie.  A walkie talkie appears to have the same premise of a cell phone.  One person sends a message through the walkie talkie to a receiver and then the roles reverse.  Messages are able to travel through the air to another person quickly. 

Cell phones work on a much larger scale.  If cell phones worked exactly like walkie talkies we would run into the problem of getting call interference all the time.  If too many walkie talkies are used in one location the signals get confused.  They are not able to decipher the sender and receiver as clearly.  This means your message will end up with the wrong person or not come across clearly when it reaches the receiver. 

Cell phones have to work differently than walkie talkies for anyone to use them properly.  They have specific designs so they are able to send messages over long distances without using too much power.  Every cell phone has two main components for making phone calls.  A radio transmitter that sends out radio waves and a radio receiver that receivers those waves. 

These two components are actually not very powerful.  They are not able to send or receive signals from locations that are far away.  Even though this seems counterproductive it actually how the cell phones are designed to work properly.  With this design the call only has to travel to the closest mast and base station.

The base station is able to pick up even slight signals.  These signals are then re-routed to their recipient.  The masts for these stations are massive.  They are larger antennas that are able to receive and send out signals over larger distances than a cell phone antenna.  Their location is typically on a taller location like a building or on an elevated portion of land. 

Without these masts cell phones would be much different.  Our cell phones would need to have much larger antennas to make up for the distance the messages need to travel.  We would also need batteries that are larger.  It takes more power to send messages over great distance.  The phones would be so big they would no longer be portable.  By having a cell phone transmit to the closest mast you are conserving as much power as possible since the message is traveling a smaller distance.

Network Cells

Phone network

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The cells in a network are essential to have effective communication for all people using a cell phone.  If these localized cells did not exist cell phones would be much like walkie talkies.  Unable to make the right connections, would pick up calls from other people, and our conversations would not go as smoothly without intended recipient.  In most places many people want to talk on their cell phones at the same time.  Big cities would become a mess of people trying to make calls without any way to direct those calls to the correct person.

The radio waves that phones send out would need to be different for every call.  If these waves are different it would help to keep these calls distinguished from each other so you would be successful in having a conversation with your intended recipient.  The problem with this is the amount of people that need to make calls at the same time.

In a big city the amount of frequencies that would be needed would be astronomical.  There would be no way to provide that kind of service to one location that was making that many calls at a time.

Instead of using many different radio frequencies to directly talk cell phone to cell phone network cells help to direct calls.  These cells are able to divide heavily populated areas into smaller sections to share the workload.  These cells fit together neatly like a puzzle of hexagons. 

These cells are made up of a base station and a mast so calls can be routed correctly.  These cells are able to handle large volumes of calls.  In heavily populated areas there will be more cells to help handle the calls that are going out and coming in.  An area that only has a few people would not need as many cells to accommodate their calls.

How Calling Works

How phone call works

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When you are making a simple phone call your call passes through a few places.  It starts with you on your own cell phone.  You make a call to your intended recipient but it does not reach them directly.  Instead your call will first transmit to a mast and base station that is close to you.  Once the call is at this first base station it will be transmitted to a mast and base station that is close to your recipient.  This base station transmits your call to the recipient. 

A roaming call works a little differently than a simple call.  At its core it follows the same path.  Caller, first mast and base station, second mast and base station, and finally recipient.  A roaming all is any call that will move to a different cell while the call is taking place.  This can happen as you are walking or driving to a different location.  As you move your distance from different masts and base stations will change and your call will be rerouted to the closest one.

Depending on how far you're traveling your call may travel through many different cells.  A caller may start in cell one, and travel through cell two, cell three, and end up in cell four.  As the caller moves through the cells the call will be transmitted from the mast and base station in cell one to cell two and so on.  The call being handed off will not interrupt your call but allows you to travel a larger distance without dropping your call.

To allow more calls to be transmitted at the same time cells are needed.  These cells are able to sort the radio waves that are within them to the correct mast and base station.  Keeping the distances these radio waves travel short help to conserve your phone's battery.

Land line versus Cell Phone

landline vs cell phone

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When cell phones were first created and use they used analog technology.  There are some land lines that are still using this technology.  Most are moving to a more advanced way of communicating.  An analog call is centered around the vibrations of your voice.  The vibrations travel along a electrical cable and create an analogy of your voice that is transmitted to your recipient.

Cell phones are not able to use analog technology because they do not use electrical cables.  Instead cell phones use digital technology.  This digital technology is able to turn your voice into a pattern of numbers and then use these numbers to transmit your call.

Digital technology has made our lives so much easier in terms of phone usage.  Current cell phone technology would have never developed in digital technology was not created.  Cell phones use digital technology to take information and turn it into data that can be sent easily phone to phone.  People are able to send texts, music, pages to websites, and even photos. 

Cell phones that use digital technology are much safer to use than previous analog phones.  An analog phone transmitted conversations in a manner that people could intercept the call.  A radio receiver called a scanner was used to listen in on conversations.

We are able to use cell phones to encrypt their information.  Encrypting is something the phone does by scrambling the mathematical code the phone is sending.  The mathematical code is the digital number your voice or information is converted into to send to another phone.

Advancement in Technology

cell phone technology

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Cell phone technology is changing the way we live our lives.  More and more can be done on your cell phone.  What was once reserved for a desktop computer can now be done on the go.  Almost any company you want has an app for your cell phone.  People are able to use their phones for entertainment, a mobile computer for work, and a way to keep track of their everyday lives.

In less than thirty years cell phone usage has increased exponentially.  In the early 2000's under sixty percent of the world's population was able to access 2G network from their phone.  In 2015 ninety five percent of people had access.  There are more than 7.4 billion subscriptions to cell phone networks.  That means almost everyone on the plant has a cell phone.

The way people use their phone has changed a lot over the years.  When cell phones were first introduced they were status pieces.  They were too large to really be a functional mobile phone and cost thousands.  As the cell phones advanced people took to using them for phone calls.  Many people had a cell phone for emergencies.  In fact about seventy percent of emergency calls are made from cell phones.  cell phones were used as mobile land lines.

As technology grew people started to branch out.  Cell phones had small games to play and they became popular to text on.  These short messages were used to communicate conversations without the need to call another person.

Currently cell phones are nothing like their land line counterpart.  They are closer to laptops in the amount of data they are able to send and receive.  While cell phones are able to make phone calls that is not a function people consider when buying a phone. 

Instead people are looking at the memory available so they can download more apps.  They look for the quality of pictures the phone is able to make.  There are companies that create new phone designs and compete against one another to sell more features.  People are able to do so much more than ever imagined.

Cell phones are able to switch between using a phone's network, to WiFi to continue to provide the user with their phone services.  People are able to surf the web through use of WiFi when connected.  Bluetooth allows people to connect to different devices like cars so their phone is hands free as they drive. 

Land lines are still used in our society but they are quickly being overtaken by the use of cell phones.  As technology with cell phones advance so will our dependence on them.  For many people their cell phone is an integral part of their life. 


Cell Phone Radiation

Naturally as our use and dependance on cell phones continues to grow so does our exposure to cell phone radiation

Cell phone radiation has been overlooked the past five years but is becoming a much larger concern for people everywhere. As science and research continues to build more fact based evidence that cell phone radiation is harmful; users are beginning to become more interested in their protection against cell phone radiation.

Cell phone use

As a society it is becoming very common to see everyone with an electronic device whether they are young or old. Our devices are able to do everything for us. They have surpassed the days of simply making calls on the go. They are our planners, our source of entertainment, our navigation system, and so much more. With more exposure to electronic devices people are starting to wonder how our bodies are reacting.

One area that has many people concerned is the effect of using an electronic device and the change in sleeping patterns. Sleep can easily be disrupted by an electronic device because we often lose track of time while playing games or surfing the web. Not getting enough rest not only affects our mental health the next day it can also affect our general health as well.

While we need to pay attention to how much time we are spending on devices the real problem lies in the light that these devices produce. Electronic devices produce blue light. This light is responsible for the changes in our sleep patterns and the cause of many people's inability to fall asleep at night. While this light sounds bad it is actually naturally occurring. With electronic devices we are getting more exposure to this naturally occurring light at the wrong time of day and causing our sleep cycles to change.

Blue Light

blue light effects

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Blue light is a naturally occurring light that is produced by the sun. It can also be produced by electronics like your cellphone. All light that is produced can be measured in nanometers and wavelengths. Light is measured in wavelengths and starting at the smallest wavelength you have ultraviolet light. As the wavelengths grow larger you end at infrared.

On this spectrum of light blue light comes after ultraviolet light. Blue light has the smallest wavelength of all lights on the spectrum that is visible to our eyes. When people are exposed to blue light their body stops producing melatonin. Many people get a typical amount of exposure to blue light caused by the sun. Which will allow them to go to sleep at night as the sun goes down.

The sun helps our bodies regulate our sleep. If we allow the sun to tell us when it is time to wake up and go to bed you can naturally train yourself to wake up in the morning. As the sun comes out you will stop producing melatonin and become more alter. When the sun goes down your body will start to produce melatonin and be ready to sleep.

When using electronic devices at night you are telling your body to still avoid producing melatonin. Melatonin is needed for our bodies to get ready to sleep. This is the hormone that your body uses to help you feel tired. The hormone is released by the pineal gland. It also regulates your circadian rhythm so you are able to get a good night's rest. It helps you feel less alert and you will want to sleep once it is being produce.

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm

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The Circadian Rhythm is the formal name for what many of us refer to as our internal clock. This internal clock typically tells people when it is time for them to rest and when it is time to wake up. Some people are more in tune with this internal clock and wake with the sunrise naturally and easily. Sleep is dictated by the production of melatonin and melatonin is no longer produced when our body is exposed to sunlight or blue light. Every person has a different internal clock. However, our bodies still follow a similar twenty four hour cycle for sleep.

The blue light from electronic devices tells our bodies it is still time to be awake. Our bodies do not produce the melatonin needed to help us become sleepy and it can be much harder to fall asleep. As we consistently use our phones throughout the night we are interrupting our natural circadian rhythm. Once this rhythm is off we do not have the quality sleep we need.

A Healthy Body is a Well Rested Body

When you do not get a good night's sleep you often feel more lethargic and unable to do anything the next day. While this is not enjoyable it is not the biggest problem with disrupting your circadian rhythm. When you are not getting rest your body will not be as healthy. We have found health conditions like obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are linked to poor sleep patterns.

Adults and children both need an adequate amount of sleep to be productive during the day. It is not always about the amount of sleep you get. It is about the quality of sleep you get. A person may be able to sleep after using an electronic device but their circadian rhythm is thrown off. Their body will not go through the cycle of sleep properly and they will likely not feel well rested the next day.

Adolescents vs Adults

blue light effects on kids

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Exposure in adolescents and adults varies. Adolescents are more susceptible to blue light than adults are. When exposed to similar situations adults show a much higher level of melatonin despite the fact they were exposed to the same amount of blue light. Adolescents that had as much as one tenth of the exposure as an adult still produced less melatonin.

Another study focused on the length of time people were exposed to blue light. An iPad was used and people were exposed to its blue light with its brightness of full. The experiment lasted two hours. It was noted that at the one hour mark there was a small change in melatonin production. At two hours this increased momentously. The longer these devices are used the less melatonin your body will be able to produce.

That spells bad news for anyone that uses electronics for long periods of time before they are going to sleep. Without taking precautions people who use these devices right before bed are not likely to get quality sleep.


blue light on teenager

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Teenagers are affected by the negative effects of not resting well the most. It is very common for teenagers to have electronic devices. Most teenagers have their own cellphone, maybe a laptop or computer for school, and a tablet just for fun. With access to all of these devices it is no wonder many teenagers have a hard time waking up in the morning.

Adolescents have a harder time sleeping because their circadian rhythm is naturally shifting as they grow. With this shift their body does not wind down until later in the night. Using electronics to help them calm down and get ready for bed is actually hindering them from getting good sleep.

With teenagers their body is not made to go to sleep early and wake up early. Their sleep cycle is set for a much later time even though as a society we expect them to wake up as early as dawn. They are being set up for failure and their devices are not helping the problem.


blue light exposure

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There are many ways to be exposed to blue light. The sun is the biggest way and the only natural way to help synchronize your circadian rhythm. The common devices that give off blue light are cellphones, tablets, and laptops. Exposure does not have to be direct for our bodies to react to it.

If there is a television in the room and you are not watching it you will still have blue light exposure. With enough blue light exposure, even if it is indirect, you will still have trouble sleeping. The amount of time for your body to adjust after you have stopped using a blue light emitting device is about equal to the time you were using the device.

If you were checking emails for twenty minutes before bed you are going to see about a twenty minute delay in getting to sleep. Many people use mundane tasks like checking email or playing an easy game on their tablet to help fall asleep. This habit can cause your sleep rhythm to be disrupted and your health to be in greater risk for complications.

When you are using devices like cellphones or tablets you are getting more direct exposure to blue light. These devices are used closer to your body and you are looking directly at them during use. Therefore there is more blue light absorbed during these uses.

The effect that blue light has on our bodies has been studied for a long time. It has only been more recently we have looked electronics blue light effects. Since the 1950s there have been studies about the blue light effect. These studies focus on how blue light changes the way our body produces melatonin and how this in turn affects our circadian rhythm. Throughout the years the effects of circadian rhythm being disrupted has lead us to know that we are damaging our health without sleep.

How Our Bodies Take In Blue Light

 blue light in your body

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When viewing an electronic device or out in the sunlight you are taking in blue light through your eyes. The eyes have mechanisms that allow us to view light. There are rods and cones that are the eye's light sensors. Color is perceived with the help of cones. Rods handle our night time vision. They help us see when something is moving and work with our peripheral vision.

Even though they are at work in our eyes while we are looking at an electronic device they are not affected by the blue light. The third sensor in our eyes that was just discovered in 2002 is called intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells. These sensors do not work as intricately as rods and cones and do not directly affect our sight. However, they are able to notice when there is a change in light.

When there is a change in light these sensors send this information to the pineal gland. This signals the gland to cease all work on melatonin if there is blue light present. Once the blue light is not longer being viewed the signal will be sent that the gland can start production again.

If you still need to use your phone to fall asleep do not worry! There is a way to help your body still know it is time to go to sleep while finishing your favorite game. While many of us have our phone's brightness level pretty high we do not actually need that much light to see. If you set your phone's light as low as it can go and you can still see the screen you should be okay to go to bed.

A lower amount of light emitting off your phone will help to stop your brain from thinking it should stay awake. Try to have the device as far away as possible as well. This helps to keep the amount of light entering your eyes to a minimum.


With the amount of exposure people are getting to blue light there will likely be more studies of this effect. As more is known about blue light there will be more ways to help keep our circadian rhythm in balance. A balanced circadian rhythm is the key to getting a good night's rest and staying healthy.

For now remember to put down those devices before bed. If you still want to use your device turn the brightness down and hold it further away from you. This will help your body know it is okay to still produce melatonin so it can wind down.

It is especially important to help your adolescents learn how to avoid electronic devices at night. They are much more susceptible to the effects of blue light and will have a much harder time sleeping. For them to stay healthy and concentrated in school they need to have a great night's rest.