SafeSleeve Cell Phone Case Reviews

Now more than ever people need to protect themselves from the harmful effects of electronic devices.  The use of technology has allowed for advancements in many fields.  Portable technology has become increasingly popular as people have found a desire to be connected to others everywhere they go.  Cellphones are a wonderful device that helps people, but they are also dangerous.  SafeSleeve is a company that is making cellphone cases to help combat this problem.

The Problem With Cellphones

Some people are unaware of the danger that a cellphone brings.  Besides the ability to be very distracting they are actually emitting radiation.  This radiation has not been studied well in the past to know the full effects that it will have on cellphone users.  However, as more research is conducted it is clear that this is a problem that needs to be resolved.

The SafeSleeve cellphone cases help to protect their users against two types of radiation.  Both extremely-low frequency radiation and radio frequency radiation.  Researchers and users alike are concerned with the negative health impact this type of radiation is causing in cellphone users.  Those that use their cellphones frequently are at a higher risk.

It is much easier to come into contact with this radiation compared to other electronic devices.  Cellphones are designed to be used while holding the phone close to the body or even touching the body.  Unlike other devices that can be placed on a table or even held away from the body, a cellphone is held close to a person's head as they talk if not using speakerphone or a Bluetooth device. 

Not only is is dangerous to have a cellphone that close to the body, the amount of time spent on the device plays a role.  Short bursts of usage cut down on the exposure to radiation.  However, many people have prolonged phone calls where they need to use their phone for hours at a time.  Many that use a phone for work are constantly using their device and can not be without it throughout the day.

One way people have tried to tackle this problem is to change the way they use their devices.  Radiation has a decay rate.  This decay rate is dependent on how close to the body the device that is emitting the radiation is.  As the device is held further away less radiation will reach the body as it decays while it travels. 

Using the speakerphone on a device can allow a person to hold their cellphone away from their body.  It is recommended to hold it at last eight inches away at a given time.  The problem with this solution is that with portability comes distraction.  Many people use their cellphones in public places.  Where it is not appropriate to have a conversation on speakerphone. 

The best solution is to stop the radiation from being directed toward the body.  SafeSleeve has created the perfect solution to this problem.  A case that directs the radiation away from the user's body without hindering their ability to use the cell phone.  The question still remains, is this case able to deliver on its promise?

Behind the Scenes


There are so many products available on the market that make claims about their ability to protect users from radiation.  It is a newer market and many people do not know much about the radiation that their devices give off.  Most people are not aware of their need for a case that has this technology. 

This makes it extremely difficult to find a product that really works.  Companies make money by making claims that are not true.  Many companies suggest that their products work.  But they have no data to back up their claims.

That is what sets SafeSleeve apart from other companies.  SafeSleeve is a company that is dedicated to the safety of their users.  They continue to develop products and new ideas on how to protect their users.  Not to mention they allow their users access to their findings. 

When founding SafeSleeve the creators were not thinking about making a product that would bring in cash.  They did not seek out the product after they saw other companies were making money on false claims.  The idea came from a desire to help their peers who they saw working long hours on their electronic devices unaware of the effect it was having on their health. 

Instead of urging their peers to avoid these devices, they sought to make the devices safer to use.  There is no way to avoid using an electronic device.  There are very few people who do not use a cellphone on a regular basis and even fewer who do not own one.  Finding a way to help neutralize the radiation of these devices is vital to people staying healthy. 

What Was Created

Iphone anti radiation phone case

Some of the products that are available to protect users against radiation are all technology and really lack of comfort and design.  They are big and clunky.  It is easy to see that they are meant to be more than a simple phone case.  The SafeSleeve cellphone cases are anything but.  Their design is sleek and refined plus it still does its job.

The best part of a SafeSleeve case is how identical it is to any other high-end case on the market.  If the user did not tell people the case protected against radiation it would be impossible to know.  The cases are made from durable and easy to clean material that looks fantastic even after months of use.

The material that is used is a synthetic polyurethane that allows for a variety of colors.  This material is stitched to perfection to make a case that looks and feels like leather.  With the combination of a straight stitch, quality material and a microfiber liner to protect the screen anyone would be happy to have this case. 

It is not hard to put the case on a phone.  The big name brand phones all have their own specific case.  Each version of phone will have a case that is tailored to fit perfectly.  Making the case fit snug with no worry that the phone may pop out if dropped.  Each case has a front flap that closes to cover the screen when not in use further protecting the screen while carrying the phone in a bag or pocket.

There is no shortage of beautiful colors to choose from for each phone.  The cases can fit anyone's personal style and users will be tempted to buy them all to change out when they would like a color change.  With the combination of being visually appealing and performing well the case is the perfect fit for a user who wants to protect themselves from radiation. 

Many people are trying out the SafeSleeve cases.  It was featured in a Forbes article where the author wrote, “The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.”  That simple review is better than most affordable cases on the market that do not have as many features as the SafeSleeve products. 

While SafeSleeve wants every phone to have its own case designed to fit it perfectly, they realize not everyone will have the newest phone.  They have also produced cases that do not have a specific phone in mind so everyone can have access to the safety that the case brings. 

Beyond protecting against radiation each case has an area where a user can put their credit cards.  This area also provides some protection.  Instead of protecting against radiation this has RFID blocking technology.  This deters anyone from stealing information from the cards and using it without the user's consent.  Making it safer to use the case as a wallet. 

A Look at Health

depiction of radiation absorption

When portable technology was first designed no one was thinking about radiation.  The creators wanted to make it easier for people to have access to technology anywhere they went.  This has evolved rapidly into the wonderfully powerful devices that people carry around today.  Many people take for granted how far technology has come when making information and communication easier.

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People have also taken for granted their health.  As people have learned that radiation from these devices could be harmful they refused to stop using them.  The benefits of the technology in their life is worth the risk of the negative health effects.

That is why a product like SafeSleeve is so important.  People will not stop using a product that helps them in their everyday life.  Even if it means hurting their health.  However, when people have knowledge of the damage that radiation can do paired with knowledge of a product that can help reduce this damage they are willing to make a simple change.  To buy a case that will protect them.

The Truth About SafeSleeve

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While all of the claims a company makes about their products seem impressive it is still important to check the facts.  SafeSleeve does not hide anything from their users.  Their website gives everyone access to the tests they have conducted on their technology to give them the confidence they need to use their products.

Besides providing data about the products there are many reviews that speak to the fan base the company has.  From everyday users to companies like Forbes there are many people talking about the wonders that these cases hold.  A Forbes author has written that the cases “simply let you carry around peace of mind.”
That is all cellphone users want.  The ability to continue using their devices without needing to worry about harming their body in the process.  It is easy to enjoy a product who has shown to deliver on their promises and who produce a product that actually betters their user's lives. 

A Step Above the Rest

SafeSleeve is a company that does not look to its peers to decide where to go with their technology.  They are making a product that works and they are working to make it the best product available.  Other cases have had trouble with interfering with the way electronic devices work once the product is on the device.

There is no interference with a SafeSleeve cellphone case. Some cases have actually blocked the signal a cellphone emits while it blocks radiation.  Essentially making the device safer because it is now unusable.  SafeSleeve users never have a problem with their case interfering with their cellphone signal.

Another problem that ill-fitting cases have is sound quality.  Some cases make it extremely difficult to hear through.  Whether their case is covering the mic or it has slipped into the wrong position.  A great thing about using a SafeSleeve case is that “The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.”  Making it easy to forget that the case is actually working to protect the user.

It can be difficult to trust a company.  Many big-name companies are only in business to make money.  But SafeSleeve was founded by people who wanted to create a product to help people.  It came from an interest in an area that many people have not explored and will continue to grow as technology advances. 

In a world of products that do not work people need to seek out the companies that deliver on their promises.  SafeSleeve is a company that has delivered time and time again for their users.  They offer a variety of cases for cellphones and other electronic devices.  The cases function well to protect the devices and to protect the user.