FCC Accredited Lab Testing

All of our cases incorporate our Radiation Shielding Technology that has been tested in an FCC accredited lab to show Electromagnetic Radiation (including the most common 5G frequencies) reductions of up to 99%. Unlike most other products, it blocks multiple types of radiation from your electronics: up to 99% of Radio Frequencies (5G, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.), up to 92% of Extremely Low Frequencies (battery, AC power, etc.), and Thermal (heat).

See below for a summary of the results or view the full report here.

RF radiation shielding lab test results

extremely low frequency reduction  

  • In order to accurately and reliably measure radiation levels and reductions, testing must be performed in a controlled laboratory setting with highly specialized equipment. That said, although unreliable, a tri-field meter may show reductions as seen below: