Is Safesleeve a Scam? The Truth Revealed Here.



Safesleeve is a product that strives to protect all users from their electronic devices. Many people worry about the problems that radiation can cause but do not know how to protect themselves. The Safesleeve cases can protect against radiation from phones, tablets, and laptops.

Protection from radiation is a new technology. Previously, companies did not know that electronic devices were giving off radiation that could be harmful to users. As this danger has surfaced, many companies have tried their hand at creating a case that protects against this problem.

Who to Trust

There are many products that are being advertised that do not deliver on their promises. They make false claims or stretch the truth to force people into believing their product is better than it is. In a world where products can be advertised at every moment spent on an electronic device, how can a person be sure a product is not a scam?

It comes down to trusting other users. Look for testimonials and reviews from other Safesleeve product users. People want to give their honest opinion about a product. Reading many testimonials can help a user make an informed decision about purchasing a product.

The people behind the product are just as important as the product itself. Someone that is motivated by helping others protect themselves because of personal experiences is putting out a product that works. The Safesleeve company was founded on this principle by two engineering graduates.

It is always best to check the data of a product. Any product that is legitimate and can deliver on their promises, like blocking radiation, can show what tests they have performed to ensure their product's reliability. Safesleeve not only provides their data from testing, they break it down to make it easier to understand.

Here is a great comparison of SafeSleeve vs. other cases

Why Safesleeve is Important: Ways to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

is safesleeve a scam or real

The Safesleeve products are a much-needed invention that helps to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR is emitted from cell phones, tablets, and laptops. All of these devices are held close to the body. This proximity makes it easy for this radiation to reach sensitive areas of the body.

This close proximity is what makes these devices dangerous. Holding a device that emits radiation this close for long periods of time is directly exposing the body to the effects of radiation. The full effects of electronic device radiation are being explored as long-term data is being collected.

It is recommended to hold devices that have EMR at least six to eight inches away from the body. This can help to reduce the amount of EMR that reaches the body because of its decay rate. At this distance, the radiation levels are tapering off. The further away from a device, the less likely the radiation will reach the body at harmful levels.

Few people hold their electronic devices this far away from their body. A cell phone is held directly against the head during a phone call. While scrolling through social media most people hold a phone or tablet on their lap while sitting. A laptop is typically held on a person's lap during use. In all of these instances, the body is in direct contact with a radiation emitting device.

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This technology has allowed people to stay more connected. It is unlikely that people will stop using their electronic devices to avoid harmful effects of radiation. With this in mind, the Safesleeve products were created. They help to protect the body from these effects while allowing the user to continue to use their devices.

With the Safesleeve cases, a device can be used in a typical manner. The devices can be held against a person's head or in their lap without radiation reaching these parts. The anti-radiation technology blocks and directs the radiation away from the body. This greatly diminishes the amount of radiation a person's body has to endure to use these products.

Media and 3rd Party Reviews

There are many users of the Safesleeve products that praise the company for quality and safety. They are grateful for the product because it allows them to use their electronic devices without needing to worry about the lasting damage the product is doing. Even Forbes has used the product and has high praises to give.

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All aspects of the cases were praised when one Forbe's contributor used a Safesleeve cell phone anti-radiation case. Their review of the case can be summed up in one simple sentence, “they simply let you carry around peace of mind.” This is the main goal of the Safesleeve products.

A product that allows their users to be safe while they use their radiation emitting technology. Technology is not going anywhere and people must start to protect themselves to avoid dire consequences down the road. The appeal of Safesleeve products lies in their innovative and sleek design that gives their users a functional case that delivers in quality and safety.

In the Forbes article, the user focuses on the quality of the case many times. Each case has multiple features. There is, of course, anti-radiation technology, room for credit cards, a built-in stand, and the case protects against damage from a fall. “The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” These cases are no joke, they are made to last and to protect.

The cases are not bulky like some anti-radiation technology. People will not be able to tell the difference between a regular phone case and the Safesleeve case in appearance. Each case is skillfully crafted to have beautiful stitching, vibrant colors, and they are made from long-lasting materials.

Each case is created to function well and to fit each style of device perfectly. Even if a case is faulty the company will replace it. Any problems a user has can be rectified by contacting the Safesleeve support. They simply need an order number and picture of the case to determine the problem.

A worry that many users have is that a case that stops radiation will also stop the phone from functioning correctly. With Safesleeve this does not need to be a concern. “The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.”

The case itself will not muffle sound. The earpiece is placed in a cutout from the case to allow for perfect sound quality. The case is snapped close with a magnet to ensure the radiation shield is in place but not blocking the speaker.

The Good Men Project also tested the Safesleeve products. Their article concentrates on the harm that radiation is doing to a person's brain. By using the cell phone case they are minimizing this potential. With the FCC accredited, independent lab testing of the shielding technology, the product users have more confidence when using the Safesleeve cases.

The author of the articles states that the FCC lab testing, “numbers are impressive, but besides blocking radiation I find the case to be one of the better cases I've come across.” Not only does this case deliver when tested in a lab it is able to satisfy every customer in its quality.

There is no downfall from using a SafeSleeve product. The products were created to give users protection and they provide so much more in terms of features. No user will be disappointed in the results that Safesleeve products provide.

Safesleeve Products

The mission statement of Safesleeve says everything that a person needs to know about the product. The goal of the company is to “protect our users from harmful EMF radiation, while establishing the industry standard in quality, mobility, convenience and style.” Not only do these cases protect the user, they are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A product that is hard to use, will not be used. The Safesleeve products resemble typical cases that are already in use. They are stylish and do much more than protect from radiation. Each style of the case comes in a variety of colors. There are brand and model specific cases, as well as universal cases for devices that do not have a personalized case.

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They are working on creating cases with different materials, but they are currently made from synthetic polyurethane that feels like leather. With an inside that is made of a microfiber to protect the screens from becoming scratched. The materials look and feel fantastic and protect the phone when dropped.

A user can use the phone cases as a wallet with RFID blocking technology to protect against credit card fraud. Even though each case is highly stylish and has many functions they are not bulky like other products. It is easy to carry the devices with the cases on them.

Using a Safesleeve case is easy. Most cases are designed to allow products to clip into the case. A case that is specific to the model of a device will fit snugly so there is no concern that it may drop out of the case. It is easy to close the case with the small magnet that is designed to be close to electronic devices.

Creators of SafeSleeve

The creators of Safesleeve are two Engineer graduates that wanted to create a product that could help their peers. During their time in school, they saw many people spending huge amounts of time on their electronic devices like a laptop. Many of these users were not aware of the dangers of radiation.

Similarly, the users of electronic devices often cannot avoid using their device. Students that use a laptop have assignments and research to complete on these devices. A person that works in a business that requires a lot of communication will spend a lot of time on their phone, as well.

Technology has quickly become a crucial part of school and work life. Without the use of these technologies, a person does not have access to the same resources as their peers. It was important to the founders to help those that needed their electronic devices on a daily basis.

The founders of Safesleeve knew these devices could cause harmful effects from radiation and felt the need to create a product that would protect people from these dangers. Anyone that uses their electronic devices daily is in need of a product that allows them to utilize their products in a safe manner. When they set out to create a product there were few options that people could choose from to protect from radiation besides avoiding electronic devices altogether.

Results or a Scam: What is RF Exposure from Cell Phones?

The results speak for themselves. Safesleeve is one of the few products on the market that proves they are protecting their users. Their data is published on the Safesleeve website for any user to access. This data shows that their products are able to protect against more than one type of radiation.

woman holding a cell phone that is emitting radiation


This is important. There are different types of radiation that will affect the body. Most cases that have been produced do not protect against all types of radiation. Typically, they claim to protect against one of the other. Sometimes, these claims are simply exaggerations and the products actually do not protect against radiation at all.

The types of radiation that Safesleeve protects against are called Radio Frequencies and Extremely Low Frequencies. Safesleeve cases block over 99% of RF. With ELF there is a 92% success rate.

Any user is able to download the entire report and read more about the success rates of these products. These tests were performed in an FCC accredited lab. Other products do not perform this type of testing because their product cannot stand up to an FCC accredited lab test.

A user is buying a quality product when purchasing a Safesleeve case. These cases were created to protect their users against radiation but have moved beyond this one feature. Each case has much more to offer to their users. By showing their FCC lab testing results Safesleeve can prove that their case protects their users and delivers on their promises time and time again.