SafeSleeve Vs. PONG Vs. RFSAFE Anti Radiation Phone Cases

A SafeSleeve anti-radiation phone case is vital for protecting someone from the harmful radiation that is emitted by electronic devices.  Electronic devices are a part of almost everyone's daily life.  In recent years more research is showing that this could be detrimental to our health.  To fully protect oneself from harmful radiation, SafeSleeve has a large array of anti-radiation protective cases for any and all of the most popular electronic devices.

In this review, we’ll compare SafeSleeve products and product features against several other competitors.

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Unlike other companies, SafeSleeve concentrates on making products that protect their customers in all areas.  The SafeSleeve products will protect against RF Radiation, ELF Radiation, and have RFID Blocking technology.  The cases also have 360 Degree Drop Protection, have been tested in independent labs for quality, will be delivered for free in the United States, and there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

Published Independent Lab Testing

The products that a customer receives have technology that has been tested in an FCC certified lab.  These tests are published for any customer to review to compare to other products that make claims about blocking dangerous radiation.  With this data, a customer can make an educated decision on what product is best for blocking radiation.  

SafeSleeve products are unlike others on the market because they have been tested in an FCC certified lab.  Most products claim to protect against radiation, but do not have the results from a lab to validate these claims.  

Blocks Over 99% of RF Radiation


Safesleeve anti radiation iphone case

Throughout testing, in an FCC certified lab, the Radiation Shielding Technology has shown to block up to 99% of RF Radiation.  RF Radiation is Radio Frequencies and are emitted by devices like smartphones as they transmit data through an antenna.  

The case will block the RF Radiation from coming into contact with a person while still transmitting the signals to the appropriate places.  That means less radiation close to a person's head while the phone is still fully functional.  

Blocks ELF Radiation

Many products concentrate on blocking RF Radiation but fail to block ELF Radiation as well.  ELF Radiation or Extremely Low Frequencies are often overlooked by other manufacturers.  Most manufacturers advertise that their product is able to block RF Radiation only, but it is important to block the ELF Radiation that products are producing.  

The Radiation Shielding Technology has been tested to show that it not only protects against RF Radiation, but will also help to block ELF Radiation.  Making it even safer to use a mobile phone frequently.  

RFID Blocking Wallet Standard

While many products are trying to block RF Radiation they often fail to consider RFID blocking as well. RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification is a way for a credit card to communicate with other devices during a transaction.  

With this technology, there are people that are able to pull the information from the credit cards and use it to their advantage.  This information can include a person's Social Security Number, phone number, and account information from the card.  Giving them access to the person's funds and personal information.

The wallet portion of the case has technology that blocks someone from scanning any credit cards that are stored.  This technology will stop a person from stealing this information from these cards.  Any cards that have RFID technology can be kept safe by carrying them alongside the phone within the RFID phone case.

360 Degree Drop Protection

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Smartphones are expensive.  There is no way around it.  When a person invests in a smartphone they are going to be spending a lot of money.  It is important to invest in a case that is going to protect this phone at times.  The SafeSleeve not only protects the user from radiation, but also protects the phone when dropped.

When closed the case has 360 Degree Drop Protection.  The phone will be completely covered if dropped on the ground.  That means no scratches on the screen, the outer casing of the phone, and no scuffed corners.  

The case is sturdy and protects well, but is easy to access when receiving a phone call.  A magnet is used to keep the front flap closed when the phone is not in use.  This magnet is completely safe to use around all mobile phones.    

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

SafeSleeve is dedicated to keeping customers safe and happy.  All products are designed to help block any harmful radiation that electronic devices are able to produce.  While other manufacturers advertise this feature in their products, they lack in quality.

SafeSleeve strives to have products that are top of the line quality.  They are made for users to utilize on the go.  The products are made to be easy to use and be fully functional in everyday life.  To top it off the products come in a variety of styles to match anyone's preferences.

With this mission, SafeSleeve offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If someone is not happy with the product for any reason it can be returned for a full refund or exchange.  It is a simple process to make a return.  Start by sending an email to supprt (at)  The only portion a person will not receive a refund for is original shipping charges, if there were any.  

Free Shipping on all US Web Orders

If ordering from the United States, there is free shipping on each order.  That means a SafeSleeve case or product will be delivered to the customer at no cost to them.  Most products have free standard shipping and priority shipping as well.  Thinking of a last minute gift?  No problem, select priority shipping and have it delivered within two days!

As more is known about the effects of radiation on the body, more manufacturers are trying to produce products that will protect their users from these harmful effects.  Many have tried to create products that protect from multiple types of radiation, but they have fallen short.  SafeSleeve products are tested in independent labs to show their ability to protect against RF Radiation and ELF Radiation.  The cases will help protect the user and the phone or the customer is able to get their money back within 30 days of use.

Notes: Safesleeve also offers laptop radiation protective cases.