Laptop Radiation | Shocking New Study Confirms You Need Protection


Why should i care about laptop radiation?

Do you ever use your laptop on your lap? Take a look at your manual and (in the fine print) most of them will tell you not to use your laptop on your lap. Ironic isn't it? And just think, that is coming from the manufacture themselves! Additionally, more and more research by doctors and scientists from around the world indicates that we should avoid direct exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR/EMF) as much as possible especially when it comes to young, developing bodies

"Using a laptop on your lap is, paradoxically, not a safe way to use it."  -Dr. Joseph Mercola

"Unfortunately, all of our exposure standards are based on the false assumption that there are no hazardous effects at intensities that do not cause tissue heating...The importance of this public health issue can not be underestimated." -David Carpenter, MD

EMF meter showing high levels of radiation on the bottom of a laptop

Recent research suggests that EMF exposure may be linked to diseases such as:

  • Leukemia in Children
  • Certain types of Cancer
  • Infertility in Men and Women
  • Neurological Disorders
  • more...

Much like cigarettes and asbestos of yesteryear, the benefits of our devices makes it easy for us to ignore the potential risks. Sadly, we are the guinea pigs once again in a large experiment with devastating consequences. 

What Can I do?

One option is to get that laptop off your lap. Is that really realistic though? Shouldn't you be able to use your lap-top on your lap?

Here's a better option...

SafeSleeve for Laptop is a patent-pending, multi-functional lap desk that integrates our FCC certified lab tested shielding technology to block nearly 100% of all three types of EMR radiation (ELF, RF and Thermal) and heat produced by your laptop. Beware of most other anti-radiation products that only block one.

It also transforms into a stylish, lightweight sleeve to protect your laptop and a convenient desktop workstation with mouse pad.

Since SafeSleeve also works as a protective laptop sleeve and convenient workstation, you will gain the peace of mind of being protected wherever and whenever you use your laptop!

With You and Yours in Mind

How Does it Work?

Our FCC certified lab tested shielding material in our 2.0 cases deflects nearly 100% of ELF and RF radiationAdditionally, the outer rigid surface is optimized for airflow to allow your laptop to breathe keeping it, and your lap cool!

Not all radiation blocking products are created equal...Some products may claim to protect you, but many of them only block certain types of radiation and some don't block any at all! With SafeSleeve, the results are clear and measurable.