SafeSleeve Reviews – Total Scam & Exposed Here

The SafeSleeve brand claims to provide cases to not only protect electronic devices but also protect their users. The danger that is lingering in electronic devices that many people overlook is radiation.

These cases are advertised to be multi-functional and have radiation protection built-in. The question to be answered, is SafeSleeve a scam?


SafeSleeve is a company that has many claims to protect against radiation. The company has a goal to “protect our users from harmful EMF radiation, while establishing the industry standard in quality, mobility, convenience and style.” The claims of SafeSleeve are promising and their customers are talking about the quality of their products.

The Creation of Anti-Radiation Cases

creation of safe sleeve case

When electronic devices like cell phones and laptops were invented few people were thinking about health. As these devices have evolved into the smartphones, tablets, and advanced laptops that are available today people have become much more dependent on them. They are carried to every place a person visits and are often in use for most of the day.

With the added screen time that many people get, more health concerns began to arise. These tiny electronic devices can emit both radio frequency radiation and extremely-low frequency radiation.

When in contact with the human body this radiation is reaching vulnerable areas that could be affected. There are many studies that have examined what radiation can do to the human body.

In these studies, there are specific ones that are geared toward learning about the effects of radiation that is put off by electronic devices. With concerns that this radiation is harming the public, there are many companies that have attempted to make cases to protect their users. These companies are not always looking out for the public and often produce a product that scams their customers out of their money.

The Radiation Being Emitted

radiation being emmited

Electronic devices can emit multiple types of radiation. The two that SafeSleeve protects against are radio frequency radiation and extremely-low frequency radiation. The radiation that is being emitted from these devices is particularly dangerous because they are used within close proximity to the body.

Few people use speakerphone or have their laptop sitting on a table while they are surfing the web. More often than not, people will hold their devices directly to their head or on their lap. There is little to no barrier between the body and the radiation that is being emitted when devices are held this close.

Many of these devices are used consistently over the course of time. A person may talk on the phone for an hour or even work on a project on their computer for many hours. This extended time period pair with close proximity makes it even more dangerous to be using these products unprotected.

To avoid radiation there have been many tricks that have been talked about. One is to hold any device at least eight inches away while it is in use. This trick does work in theory. There is a decay rate for radiation. The further way a device is held the better as less radiation will reach the body.

However, this trick does not work because these devices were not made to be used as such lengths from the body. They are portable devices that can be used in a small space which forces the user to have their device close to the body. What could be helpful is a barrier that stops the radiation from reaching the body while the device can still be used up close.

This barrier has come in the form of a protective case. Many companies already produced cases that protected the electronic device. Either from being dropped or even moisture.

New technology needed to develop to include protection for the user in that case. Companies have started to produce many subpar products that make claims that they just cannot back up.

The People That Are Reviewing SafeSleeve


Claims by a company that is providing a new product can be hard to contest. There is no way to know if they are telling the truth or simply putting out a product to scam their users. The best way to prove a product is true to its word is from reviews from the public and published data from the manufacturer.

As people have bought and tried SafeSleeve products that have found quality where other companies have produced a cheap money-making scheme. The company has many positive reviews that come from customers as well as other well-known companies like Forbes. Everyday user loves the functionality that SafeSleeve cases provide as well as the protection they get from radiation.

A quote from Forbes can sum up the feelings of many SafeSleeve users, “they simply let you carry around peace of mind.” The products are designed to be functional and still work to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. In these aspects, SafeSleeve has hit all the marks.

Their cases help to block the radiation that would be reaching a person's body. They direct the radiation away from the body as the user continues to use their products in the way they want to. It does not distract the user from completing their call or internet search, it simply protects them while they are doing this.

The Minds of SafeSleeve

A product is only as good as the intentions of its creator. SafeSleeve products were not dreamt up to make a company money. Nor were they an addition to a case as an afterthought to boost the appeal. The cases were designed with the intention of helping others stay safe while using electronic devices.

While studying engineering the two creators of SafeSleeve realized that their fellow students were working tirelessly on their electronic devices. There are many times were using an electronic device for a long period of time is needed and unavoidable. To reach a certain deadline or even communicate with each other an electronic device is used.

This realization pushed them to create a product that could protect people while they used their devices. Technology is not going anywhere. It is going to become more prominent in everyday life as new devices are created. A person should not have to avoid using these products to stay healthy and with anti-radiation technology, they do not have to.

Products Reviews

SafeSleeve products are produced with their user in mind. Most cases that advertise anti-radiation technology fall short on functionality. Their focus is on the technology in the case, instead of the person that will be using the case. A SafeSleeve case provides protection for the device and the user plus it is visually identical to a typical case that could be bought in a store.

There is no complicated installation process to put a device into one of these cases. Most simply snap into the case and will stay there until the user takes them out again.

Any cases with a flap are closed with a small magnet that is safe to have around electronic devices. The cases come in many colors and are always made from quality materials.

A product that is easy to use is preferable over a complicated one. Few users will continue buying or using a product that is hard to use or that is not aesthetically pleasing. The SafeSleeve cases are being praised in articles from Forbes for their quality.

While the primary goal of the case is to protect against radiation, it is important people are happy with the look of the case as well. In the article, the writer states, “The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” There has been a good deal of time and effort put into making these cases great for their users.

The cases are made specifically for each model of the device. This helps to keep each device in their case. Although if there is a device that needs a case that does not have a custom fit design, there is a universal case. Any device can be protected by a SafeSleeve product.

To best protect the devices the inside material is microfiber that prevents scratches on the screen.

The outside of the case feels luxurious with a synthetic polyurethane that mimics the feel of leather. There is consistent stitching on each product and the colors of the materials are gorgeous.

Phone cases come with some added benefits. Each case comes with a few card slots. These card slots are protected by RFID blocking technology. This technology prevents someone from stealing information from credit or debit cards making it much more secure to carry them around.

Downfalls of Radiation Blocking Technology

There are anti-radiation cases that have hindered the way an electronic device sends a signal. By interfering with this signal the case is actually making the device work much harder and produce more radiation. The SafeSleeve cases are designed to direct radiation away from the body without interfering with the signal.

Many people are also concerned about the sound quality that a case may muffle. The SafeSleeve cases that are made for each model of device will have no problem allowing clear sound to come through. In the Forbes article, the writer praises the cases by saying, “The sound is identical as if the phone were pressed up against your ear.”

Overall people are worried that they are going to be scammed by their product. SafeSleeve have many people that has testified that they love the quality the brand brings to the table. The Good Men Project concentrated on the effects that radiation was having on electronic device users.

After reviewing the testing that SafeSleeve has done with their products they find that the “numbers are impressive, but besides blocking radiation I find the case to be one of the better cases I've come across.” The cases deliver on their quality for protecting both the user and the electronic device.

A Company That Does Not Scam Its Users

With all of the reviews that have been done for SafeSleeve, it is easy to tell that the company is legitimate. They are producing a product that is going to help users stay away from the harmful effects of radiation while giving them a product that they can actually use.

Even if a user does not believe word of mouth advertisements they can review all of the lab testings for themselves on the SafeSleeve website. Which goes to show that SafeSleeve is one of the few companies that do not scam their customers and have the data to back it up.