Black Friday Sale: 7 Best Gifts for iPhones and iPad Users

This year start planning your Black Friday haul early.  The thrill of shopping on Black Friday can quickly turn south if you leave stores empty handed.  It can be fun to let yourself be surprised by the amazing deals as you hop store to store.  However, if you really want to go home with the items you want you will need a plan.

Decide what items are most important to you.  Look at past Black Friday sales in different stores and figure out who usually has the products you are wanting.  If you are an Apple enthusiast look for these hot products this Black Friday. 

These products are a must if you have an iPhone or an iPad.  They are going to make your life so much easier and you will wonder how you ever used your Apple products without them.  Ranging from cases to lightning cables you are sure to love these accessories for your favorite devices.


SafeSleeve case for iPhone


SafeSleeve is a company dedicated to the safety of electronic users.  There is a rising awareness of the potentially harmful effects of using electronic devices close to our bodies.  There cases help to block the potentially harmful EMR radiation that can come from your devices.  These cases are FCC certified lab tested so you can put any concerns to rest while using them. 

The case by SafeSleeve surrounds your cell phone and is able to absorb up to 99% of the radiation that your phone puts out.  That means you will have a much greater chance of avoiding the harmful effects of radiation that electronics produce. 

Even though you will not be exposed to the radiation from your phone it will not block your signal.  The case allow the necessary signals to be transmitted out and in to make a clear phone call.  It will be much safer to carry and use your cellphone without sacrificing a good signal.

Without this radiation blocker you are exposing one of the most valuable parts of your body to the harmful effects of radiation.  The more you use your phone, the more radiation you are naturally exposed to. (Read more about how phones work here.)  With  SafeSleeve you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the majority of this harmful radiation. 

The cases for your iPhone come with a wallet built in.  Not only can you use the wallet as a built in stand but it also has RFID blocking technology built in.  This technology can save you from the headache of someone stealing your credit card information.  You will be able to carry up to four cards with you in the wallet and be protected as you do.

The case is very light so you will not have any bulk added to your phone.  The case is made from non-slip materials on the outside.  These materials are durable so you will be able to use your phone without concerns of dropping it and breaking it.  Since the case surrounds your phone completely you will have complete protection especially from accidental scratches and nicks.

If you also have an iPad you are in luck.  You can get all the benefits of the SafeSleeve tailored to your iPad.  It has lab tested shielding technology that is in the front flap to protect you as you use the iPad.  That means up to 99% of protection from radiation that your iPad is emitting. (learn more about ipad and laptop radiation here.)

The iPad case also doubles as a stand.  You can watch your favorite videos without the hassle of holding the iPad up yourself.  This case will help you avoid your fears of harmful radiation while relaxing with your device.  Just like the cellphone case you will have protection on all sides of the iPad in case of accidents.

Waterproof Speaker

Apple Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


No Apple product is complete without a speaker as a sidekick.  The Apple brand is known for music and it is so easy to pair iPhones and iPads with iTunes to get the best music.  Download your favorite play list for the holidays and use a Bluetooth Speaker to fill your house with wonderful music.

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market right now.  Look for one that has it all.  There are some that have the rechargeable batteries built in so you can enjoy your music without needing to buy batteries constantly. 

Consider buying a speaker that is also waterproof.  Even if you do not take your speaker to the beach or hang out by the pool too often it is likely to get wet at some point. Speakers are great to use in the kitchen while cooking holiday dinners.  Use it during dinner to play light music in the background.

In any of these instances it can easily have something spilled on it.  Avoid the headache of ruining a perfectly good speaker with whatever drink has spilled by purchasing a waterproof one. 


iPad keyboard


An iPad is a great tool to stay up to date on all of our social media apps, to scroll through the internet, and to watch videos but it can be cumbersome to try to type on one.  If you need to type a large amount of information it can seem impossible on the touchscreen.  A keyboard works much more fluidly than typing on a screen.

If you still want to use an iPad for all of your typing needs pick up a Bluetooth enabled keyboard.  These keyboards are often smaller to fit the size of the iPad but large enough to comfortably type with.  They connect with Bluetooth and usually hold the screen so you have the feel of a smaller laptop.

By using a Bluetooth keyboard you can still have the convenience of a small iPad paired with the ease of typing on a keyboard.  You can still be on the go but you never have to hassle with typing out long messages on the touchscreen.

Apple Pencil

Apple pencil black Friday


If you already have an iPad Pro, or if you are buying one this Black Friday, be sure to pick up an Apple Pencil as well.  While the price tag on this pencil is steep look for a great deal this Black Friday to get the best experience you can with your iPad Pro.  Many people think that the Apple Pencil is not worth the buy until they try it.  It is honestly outstanding what you can do with this pencil.

The Apple Pencil has accuracy I have never seen in a stylus.  If you are someone that likes to draw on your iPad you have to get an Apple Pencil.  It will allow you to have complete control over your iPad Pro so your picture comes out perfectly.

It can also help you in your classes.  If you prefer to take notes the old fashion way, yes I'm talking about a paper and pencil, you may want to replace it with an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.  You will still have the capability to take notes by hand but you will have access to more utensils at the touch of a button. 

By using the note taking apps on the iPad you can write, highlight, erase, and so much more all with the Apple Pencil.  There is also almost no lag with the Apple Pencil.  Meaning you will not miss any key points as you take notes. 

Lightning Cable to SD card

Apple Lightning to SD Card


A complaint I hear about iPads frequently is the fact there is not spot for a SD card.  While this is a valid point for anyone that is use to using an SD card you do not have to avoid buying an iPad.  If you already own an iPad and have become frustrated with this certain feature don't worry. 

You can now buy an adapter that is a lightning cable on one end and on the other is an SD card slot.  There is also lightning cable to USB cords to hook your iPad up to the computer.  Use the iPad to edit your photos or to show friends and family.  Never feel like you do not have access to your pictures with this nifty little adaptor.

Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods


Apple AirPods are a must have for anyone that frequently listens to music using their iPhone or iPad.  They are completely wireless.  That means no more tangled cords and no more cutting out if the cords become damaged.  Instead they use Bluetooth technology to connect to your device.  They are intuitive to how you use them. 

When you place the AirPods into your ears the music will begin to play automatically.  If you need to take them out for any reason they will stop playing.  When only using one AirPod to listen to music they will automatically adjust the music so you can hear from that ear only. 

You can even change the volume and the song from the AirPods.  Make a call or ask Siri a question all through the small little devices.  You do not need to worry about the battery life either.  These little devices pack a punch.  You will have up to five hours of listening time per charge.

There is a charging case that has additional charges so you are never without a charge.  You can have up to 24 hours of listen time if you have the charging case with you.  For those times you forgot to charge them you can pop them into the charging case for just fifteen minutes and you will have an additional three hours of listening time. 

iPhone Lightning Dock

iPhone lightning dock


A complaint that has been heard from Apple is the fact that the new iPhone lacks the ability to charge and have headphones plugged in at the same time.  Now you are able to use the iPhone Lightning Dock which will charge your iPhone while you plug in wired headphones. 

This docking station is small and sleek.  It is able to hold your phone upright for easy access.  If you want to use the phone while it is on the dock feel free.  You can still unlock the phone while it is docked. 

From this docking station you can charge and listen to music.  You could also use it to charge and watch videos.  If you need to make any speakerphone calls this station will allow you to continue to charge your phone without taking away the quality of the call.  The audio will still be crisp and clear. 

Use this dock to keep your battery up so you can plug in a wired speaker to your iPhone.  Enjoy music all day long as you pair your phone with a speaker so you are not limited to wired headphones.

Black Friday is a great day to go out and spend some time with friends.  Wait in the longer lines and get a great deal on those expensive products you typically wouldn't want to buy.  As long as you do not get yourself caught up in too big of a dispute over a deal with a fellow shopper your Black Friday is sure to be filled with spending money, fun, and great deals.

There are many different Apple products and accessories that will be on sale this year.  As new products are being released older Apple products will be on extreme discount.  Similarly you will be able to find great accessories for all of these devices on sale this year.  Look for a few essentials while shopping.

Make sure you get a case that is going to help your devices last longer and even help protect you from the device as you use them.  Have a little fun with a new speaker or invest in the Apple AirPods.  Really get the most out of your iPad with a keyboard and Apple Pencil.  Finally have more freedom when you use an iPhone dock and a converter to pair SD cards with your devices.

No matter what type of accessory you are looking for there is something great to be bought this Black Friday.  Watch out for great deals on all of the Apple products and accessories.