Are Bluetooth Earbuds Safe?

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Technology is growing and new advancements are being released every day.  Something that has recently hit the market and gained traction is the use of Bluetooth Earbuds. 

In the past few years, the sales of Bluetooth Earbuds have grown exponentially.  They have even surpassed wired headphones, so they are clearly a product that people want.  With this rising popularity, people need to examine if Bluetooth Earbuds are safe to use.

Rising Popularity of Bluetooth

Big-name companies like Apple have created their own versions of Bluetooth Earbuds.  The Apple product, AirPods, has many polarizing opinions. Many argue about the price point of these items, some are concerned about losing them, but few people are thinking about their health when joining the debate.  As AirPods have started selling at higher rates there are many third-party companies who are now producing similar products.

Even though many people were skeptical of the Bluetooth Earbuds, in the beginning, there are the benefits to using them.  Those that jog, go to the gym, or just wear headphones frequently often have trouble with the cords becoming tangled or caught on a passing object. The wireless technology of these earbuds is fantastic and demand is growing for better versions of these popular products.

Rising Concerns

With any good thing, there is always the bad that follows.  Through years of research studies have shown that electronic devices could be damaging to a person's health.  More and more consumers are learning about this potential danger and are starting to be wary of new technology like Bluetooth Earbuds.

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Similar to many electronic devices on the market, Bluetooth Earbuds produce EMF radiation.  The Bluetooth used to connect the earbuds to another device uses a radio frequency that will measure around 2.4GHz.  This radio frequency will send information whether it be a call, text, video, or audio through the air until it reaches another device that is close by.

There have been different versions of Bluetooth Earbuds.  Currently, most of these devices are considered class 2.  Class 2 devices are able to send information through the air up to thirty-three feet away.  This can be shorted due to other circumstances if there is anything between the two devices that may interfere.

Radio frequencies that are given off by electronic devices are very common and are considered a low-energy emission of radiation.  Even though they are emitting at low levels the frequency that people are exposed to these devices have been shown to affect a person's health.  The radiation that people are encountering on a daily basis is harming their body and altering it permanently. 

A major concern about Bluetooth Earbuds is how they are being used.  There are major concerns about using smartphones because they emit at a higher intensity versus a Bluetooth device like an earbud. 

However, the earbuds are placed directly into the ear and kept them for a long period of time.  Allowing that radiation to be up close and personal in a very vulnerable area.

The Actual Dangers of Bluetooth

Exposure to radiation is never a good idea for the body.  It changes the way the body works and can seriously damage cells.  Many electronic devices are designs to be held close to the body and many are held to the head, specifically.  The head is an area that is very susceptible to this type of damage. 

Within the body, cells are communicating for the whole system to work in harmony.  This communication is done by sending electrochemical signals to different parts of the body. 

These signals can actually be disturbed by the electromagnetic fields that devices give off.  Causing many researchers to have concerns about long-term problems from overexposure. 

Damage At a Cellular Level

Through many studies, it is shown that cells are becoming damaged when exposed to electronic devices, WiFi, or Bluetooth.  Technology like Bluetooth will emit pulses or rapid wavelengths or electromagnetic fields.  This is changing the calcium ion signaling within the body which then causes ion channels to falter. 

When this happens the cells become damaged.  This change to the cell can be permanent which can them lead the person to have a higher risk of developing cancer.  When specifically talking about the head there can be neuronal damage that occurs, as well.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Something to consider is the use of these electronic devices and technologies around children.  Children's bodies and minds are still developing.  Altering or damaging the body during development can completely change their future.  Many studies have shown that children are being affected more than adults.

bluetooth connected to cell phone

EMF exposure may be linked to ADHD which many children are being diagnosed with.  This disorder has afflicted many people in the past, but in the past, we were unable to diagnose the condition.  The EMF is causing calcium leakage in cells which in turn makes these cells more sensitive. 

When a cell is hypersensitive it may create false signals.  These false signals will change how the person interacts with the world around them.  Their mental process will not follow the usual course.  Often times this occurs in having trouble concentrating and the creation of “random” thoughts in an inappropriate moment. 

Increased Headaches

Many people falsely believe that the use of headphones causes headaches because of the volume at which the device is playing.  While listening to sound at high volumes is harmful in other ways, headaches caused by wireless headphones stem from EMF radiation. 

People take to the internet in many cases to learn more about health problems.  There are many threads on social media websites that show a slew of people that are concerned about the headaches they develop when using headphones.

brain scam with radiation damanage

Some studies have been conducted that are linking EMF radiation to headaches and even to depression.  As discussed before the calcium ion channels in the body are altered when exposed to EMF.  These channels are in charge of neural communication and EMFs are actually stimulating these channels. 

Direct studies on humans are not recommended since there is no telling the long-term effects of prolonged exposure of EMFs.  However, there have been studies completed with animals that have given insight into what this exposure could do to the body.  With these studies, researchers are finding a variety of results that show that many parts of the body are negatively affected by this exposure. 


Tinnitus is something that almost twenty percent of the population experiences.  A person with tinnitus has the sense that there is noise or even ringing in their ears.  Tinnitus is actually not a condition.  Instead, it is related to conditions like hearing loss or even injury to the ears. 

The radiation that is emitting from phones or earbuds has shown to jump-start this underlying condition in some and even make it worse for those that already have it.

Avoiding These Dangers

These conditions discussed are not the end to the dangers that EMFs pose on a human body.  Consciously afflicting the body with these conditions is not something anyone is likely to do. 

However, people are still hesitant to avoid the cause of these problems.  Going wireless is helpful in our every day lives but it may make our lives worse down the road.

Using new technology that uses Bluetooth or WiFi puts a person at a higher risk of finding themselves with these problems.  Even if these problems do not come to light right away the cumulative exposure could lead to major problems later.

There are a variety of options available for those that use headphones.  The standard headphone design uses two headphones that are inserted into the ear.  The headphones are connected by a wire that then connects to the transmitter.  This transmitter sits lower on the body usually around the neck.  Reducing the direct exposure to the head by a little.

With headphones, the transmitter is the portion that is sending out the radiation.  Keeping the transmitter as far away from the body as possible is ideal to reduce exposure.  With Bluetooth Earbuds, this is harder to do.

A Bluetooth Earbud that uses transmitters in the earbud is sending radiation directly towards the head from the ear canal.  Making it much easier for the body to encounter this radiation at higher levels.  Any device that uses a transmitter is going to cause some damage to the body with prolonged exposure.  But some devices are better in terms of having a smaller amount of radiation being produced and in a less vulnerable area.

There are options for those that do not want to risk these dangers.  Those that are using Bluetooth Earbuds have been switching back to the standard style.  While this does not take away the dangers that radiation brings it does help to reduce their exposure. 

The Source of Danger

Many people use their headphones in conjunction with a smartphone.  While there are other devices that can be used with headphones almost everyone has a smartphone that they carry with them.  Smartphones are a huge problem for those looking to avoid exposure to radiation.  Since these devices are constantly working and always being carried close by the exposure is non-stop.

dangers of emf

One small step a person can take is to use a radiation shield.  As companies have learned about the problems that consumers face with radiation they have developed products that reduce exposure.  These radiation shields help to direct the radiation away from the body.  Keeping radiation away from the body is vital to avoid long-lasting damage. 

SafeSleeve Radiation Shielding Technology

A smartphone has to be functional for a consumer to use it.  To function is has to give off radiation.  Consumers that cannot avoid smartphones should invest in a radiation shielding case.  SafeSleeve creates phone cases, and other cases for electronic devices, that use their radiation shielding technology.

It is important for a radiation shield to have no effect on how the device it surrounds works.  Otherwise, it would render the device useless.  The cases that SafeSleeve provides allows users to use their devices flawlessly while simultaneously helping them avoid radiation. 

SafeSleeve anti radiation bluetooth earphones

Something that SafeSleeve offers that many other manufacturers fail to provide is protection from multiple types of radiation.  Other manufacturers often focus on one type of radiation instead of protecting from all angles. 

Making it much safer for a consumer to use a SafeSleeve product versus one that does not cover a variety of problem areas. 

The radiation that the cases focus on is Radio Frequencies, Extremely Low Frequencies, and Thermal.  With radio frequencies, the cases are able to protect consumers up to ninety-nine percent.  Then with extremely low frequencies and thermal or heat, the cases protect up to ninety-two percent. 

It is important for manufacturers to use a lab that is designed for measuring radiation and providing accurate results.  There are many at-home testing units that can help consumers gain an idea of the amount of radiation that is given off by their devices. 

However, without controlled testing, it is impossible for a consumer to get truly accurate read.  This is why SafeSleeve concentrates on building a product which is anti-radiation in nature. 

Anti radiation headphones

Those that are becoming more aware of the dangers that technology brings are taking steps to protect themselves.  The first step is learning more about the devices and technology that emit radiation. 

After learning about what products are causing damage it is important to find ways to protect the body.  The amount of danger that people are in on a daily basis is honestly shocking to most consumers who should work to protect themselves.

Reducing the amount of time spent with electronic devices is a great first step in protecting oneself.  However, few people are able to cut out their device time completely. 

While it can be impossible to avoid all contact with the devices and technologies there are options like anti-radiation phone cases that will help to reduce these dangers.

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