Is WiFi Dangerous?

People are becoming more aware of the dangers of electronic devices and technology like WiFi.  This technology has quickly spread to be a part of anyone's everyday life.  There are few places a person can go without running into an electronic device that is using WiFi.  In fact, many people seek out WiFi in a public space for their own personal use.  With WiFi being so widespread it begs the question.  Is WiFi dangerous?

Now that WiFi is so widespread people are starting to think of the potential side effects of being around this technology so often.  A person would have to work very hard to manage a whole day without encounter WiFi.  Since it is such an unavoidable factor in everyday life people need to learn about the danger it brings.

How WiFi Works

WiFi is something that almost everyone has exposure to.  It is necessary to complete many jobs, to shop, and even to use our smartphones or other electronic devices.  To use WiFi there are radio waves that will give the ability for devices to connect to a network. 

This connection to the network is provided by a wireless adapter.  There are many devices that are able to provide WiFi and some are called hotspots that anyone can take with them if they are traveling. 

wifi radiation dangers

Many people agree that the term WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity.  Although most people do not even realize that it is an abbreviation of the phrase.  Most just access that this system is called WiFi much like they accept the fact they do not know exactly how it works or what dangers it is providing. 

To use a WiFi connect a device must give off radio waves.  These radio waves carry the information from the device to the network.  If using a smartphone there is a wireless adapter in the device that turns any information into a radio signal.  This signal is then sent through an antenna to the local router.  This router is going to translate this information and send it through an Ethernet connection that is wired to the desired end location.

Many instances of WiFi use is not a one-way street.  There will be a transfer of information back and forth between two parties.  The radio waves will be bouncing from each device to their respective routers and then back to their desired party.  Creating a constant exposure to WiFi and the radiation produced when using the system.

Even though this technology is very helpful in our everyday lives it is also proving to be very dangerous.  The danger stems from the lack of knowledge about exposure and the lack of understanding of what the long-term results may be. 

Dangers of Prolonged Exposure To Wifi

WiFi uses a system of wireless routers much like the technology Bluetooth.  While these systems are in use they are giving off electromagnetic radiation.  The level that this radiation field operates at is shown to be dangerous through long-term exposure.

Since WiFi is a wireless system it is able to pass through objects, doors, and walls.  Similarly, EMF is able to pass through these items to reach new areas.  People who are not in the same room as the system can still be exposed to radiation.

phone on bike

A major problem with this exposure is the use of the system. (source)  These routers run all day long.  They are only shut off when they are being moved or replaced.  A person's exposure to WiFi and the radiation from the system is constant.  No matter the time of day they are absorbing this potentially dangerous radiation.

Almost everyone uses WiFi.  In any given area there may be multiple WiFi sources providing the service.  For those that have neighbors that live close to them, they may feel the effects of their neighbors system, as well.  When in public almost every business has a public WiFi system and most also have a private one only for the business to use.

People who are becoming more aware of these dangerous have started to try to avoid the use of WiFi.  They may take steps to reduce their exposure at home.  Which can include unplugging their own router and only using it when they absolutely need to.  As many devices use WiFi this can be quite the disruption of everyday life.  Plus they are still being exposed when they go to work or to shop. 

Problems Sleeping

There are increased rates of insomnia or trouble sleeping.  People are using electronic devices and surrounding themselves with devices that use WiFi.  Then they are finding they are unable to fall asleep, stay asleep, and are more tired when they wake up.  These devices and technology are stopping people from getting a good night's rest.

trouble sleeping from Blue light

People who frequently use WiFi just before going to sleep report that they often have insomnia.  With this report, researchers have set out to learn why.  As they have researched they have found that WiFi is giving off EMF radiation which changes a person's sleep pattern.  Thus causing more people to suffer from insomnia.

The short-term effects of lack of sleep can cause a person to feel tired and run down the next day.  If a person continues to have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia they have an increased chance of becoming ill due to a lowered immune system, they may see changes in weight, have a disruption of hormone production, see changes in mood, have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, have problems maintaining blood pressure, and much more. 

Formative Years

Children are fantastic at using new technology.  They are even better than some of the adults that are in charge of the devices.  They have grown up in a world where technology is all around them and it makes it easier for them to understand it.  It also makes it very easy for them to have access to technology whether it is at home, at the store, or at school.

detrimental wifi radiation to children and adults

While technology helps children learn there are studies that show the radiation from WiFi networks, that are necessary for many devices to be used, can affect their development.  Changing the development while so young could lead to even bigger problems as these children age.

Another concern is with those that are pregnant and using WiFi.  The safety standards for electronic devices and WiFi are not thinking about pregnancy.  EMF radiation is not studied with the thought of pregnant women or the fetus.  Making it even more important for people to be conscious of their exposure.

Health Concerns With Younger Users

As previously outlined, children may be the biggest suffers from the effects of radiation from WiFi.  Their extreme exposure to EMF has now been related to diseases like asthma and even obesity which are both major concerns for parents. (source)  These problems can follow them into adulthood and have a large impact on their day to day lives.

child in danger from wifi radiation

There are also studies that are connecting EMF radiation exposure to other problems that face children.  Problems that include ADHD or the focus of a child's mind, their ability to recall and remember information, and their overall cognitive ability.  A Swedish study showed that children who are using electronic devices before they have turned twenty are four times as likely to have a brain tumor. 

Harmful to Human & Plant Growth

People are becoming more and more interested in studying what exposure to WiFi may do.  Even those in the younger generations are doing their own studies as this is a problem that will plague their lives until a solution is found.  A sciences experiment in Denmark was completed by students to study the effect of WiFi on the growth of a plant.

The students used a control group which was a set of plants placed in a room without WiFi.  That is the room was free of modems that emit WiFi.  Another set of plants were placed in a room with two modems. 

Results from this study where hard to argue.  The plants that were free to grow without WiFi and the radiation that is given off were able to grow as expected.  The second set of plants did not show any growth. 

It appeared that the radiation stopped the plants from being able to grow.  Other studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to EMF radiation can actually damage the cells of the organism close by.

Affecting Brains

Even though it has already been discussed that WiFi changes our sleep patterns and can affect child development it is important to note that it is able to change brain activity.  The EMF radiation that is produced when WiFi is used has been shown in studies to actually slow the activity of the brain.

Fertility (Males)

Since many people use electronic devices and are around WiFi at all points in their day there are raising concerns about fertility.  Specifically, the effect that these devices and technology has on male fertility.  When exposed to EMF there is the possibility for DNA defragmentation in a male's sperm cells.

wifi causes harm to sperm

Paired with this is the reduction of motility that the sperm has.  It has been shown that the extreme temperatures devices like a laptop produce while in use actually kill sperm cells.  With all of these side effects, a male may see an increasing problem with procreation due to a reduction of their fertility. You can read more about sperm viability here. 

Procreation (Females)

Females show similar problems with procreation when exposed to EMF radiation over long periods of time.  Their side effects can stop an egg from implanting itself in the uterus.  There have almost been increases in abnormalities in pregnancies.

When a person who is pregnant is exposed to EMF radiation for a prolonged time period they are at a higher risk for miscarriage.  Studies suggest their risk is three times higher than those that avoid exposure.

woman using internet connection

Studies on mice have helped to show the possible causes of problems during pregnancies for human candidates.  By exposing pregnant mice to Extremely Low-Frequency radiation the mice had more spontaneous abortions and their offspring had an increased number of deformities.  The number of offspring produced were also decreased and the offspring showed slower development after they were born.


A huge worry of many people is cancer.  Cancer has been found to be linked to many activities that people routinely enjoy.  Unfortunately, that includes the use of electronic devices and WiFi.  The EMF radiation exposure while using such devices and technology increases a person's risk of getting cancer.

People that have been exposed to large doses of EMF see a shorter latency period for developing cancer after exposure.  Even though not everyone is exposed to high levels of EMF those that see EMF exposure in small doses may need to be concerned.  Even in small doses, cancer is able to develop after long-term exposure.

Stress on the Heart

There are many factors that can cause stress on the heart.  Stress on the heart is best avoided by those that already have a heart condition.  A person who has been exposed to EMF will have increased heart rates and stress on the heart.  Those that are extremely sensitive to exposure may have an erratic heart rate.  This erratic heart rate can be fatal for some. 

How to Protect Yourself

Even though the thought that such a useful technology is dangerous is very daunting, there is some good news.  There are products that can help a person be safer while using products that will expose them to dangerous levels of radiation.  Those that use a smartphone, WiFi, tablet or laptop on a daily basis should research the SafeSleeve laptop protective covers and cell phone anti-radiation cases.

anti radiation laptop case

For electronic devices, there are radiation shields that can be purchased here.  These shields will help to block radiation from the body and direct it away.  While it may be hard to think of radiation all of the time it is easy to protect oneself from the effects with the use of an anti-radiation case.

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