Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Guest Blogger Mikayla Kitty Offers Her Take

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Can smartphone radiation cause cancer?

Based on the most recent Ericsson Mobility Report, 70% of the world’s population will be using smartphones by 2020. As smartphones become an indispensable human tool in today’s world, health-related concerns from its continuous exposure have also been tested and reviewed worldwide. Among the health risk connected to mobile devices, the one that drew the greatest concern is connected to smartphones' radiation leading to cancer.

Being one of the lethal illnesses, it made global headlines worldwide, leading some to even pass a law to inform the public through a warning of the potential risks of cell phone radiation. But, with various information fed to the public, one thing is left unanswered: Can the radiation from smartphone and other mobile devices really cause cancer?

We are more exposed today!

Humans are more mobile-reliant today than before. Businesses are highly digital, using some of the most high tech and faster computers. Some mobile employees even have to continuously stick to their smartphones to stay connected to their colleagues even when they are remotely away from their office.

The latest mobile tech invention, wearables, made mobile devices more skin-connected to humans. There are smartwatches and smart headsets that are connected to the body more often than smartphones. So, if radiation from smartphones can cause various health issues, we must be more concern now than ever.

Should it cause a concern?

Independent studies claimed that radiation emitted by cell phones were classified “possibly carcinogenic,” with a risk of glioma (a form of brain cancer). Other health effects can also be connected to headaches, fatigue, and skin problems.

But, an expert said it is still not a proven fact. “We don’t know for sure if it’s causing cancer or not,” said Dr. Kurt Straif, Head of World Health Organization (WHO), to Digital Trends. “[There are] limited evidences from the human studies that it could cause cancer in human.”

Despite that it has not been proven directly connected to cancer, we should be vigilant about using smartphones, especially allowing children and infants exposed to it. Even without any law imposed in your area, parents must find preventive measures to keep their little ones safe from any health risks.

How Safe are Cell Phones

Although different studies can only prove “possible” health effects of smartphone radiation, other health problems can still arise out of it. Health must remain to be the priority of every human.

Smartphones are now made smarter and with more productivity functions, making it harder for the modern workers to easily let go of their mobile devices. It has now consumed their time at home, time for work, and (often) even time for themselves. Even typing is no longer needed when Siri is around.

According to O2, the new Siri can now recognize the owner’s voice and respond to them more accurately and directly even without tapping the screen – just say “Hey Siri!” So, imagine the benefits of mobile devices in today’s fast paced world.

But, never allow health to be the least of your concerns as well. It’s not really the fault of human to cling to technology, especially when it has its own benefits in the various aspects of life. And, it’s not the technology's fault that humans love its innovative solutions, too. However, we should not take under consideration our health at all costs.

Smartphone and any forms of technologies come with radiation that may affect humans at one point in our lives. Keep yourself and your family safe from any harmful radiation and get some SafeSleeve for your smartphone today.

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