Top 5 Cyber Monday Gifts for iPhone and iPad Users

Cyber Monday is a day that everyone looks forward to. Great deals are sure to be won on Cyber Monday.  The best part you do not have to face the crowds. There is no pushing through a crowd of people or waiting in line for hours. 

Really is that deal worth the stress of facing hundreds of other people that want the same item as you?  Instead use Cyber Monday to do your shopping. You are only a few clicks away from getting that must have deal on your wish list. 

cyber monday sale safesleeve


Stores realize that Cyber Monday is becoming just as big if not bigger than Black Friday.  There are more companies that are catering to the consumer that would rather stay at home to get the best deals.  That means more deals for you as more companies jump on board. Deals on items like Apple products.

Plan for your best Cyber Monday this year.  Make a list of items that you are going to want to buy.  Research a few sites that typically have the best deals.  See if they have any sneak peaks into what deals they will have this year. 

There will be many must have items for sale for anyone that loves Apple products.  There are great items that can be used with iPads and iPhones.

Remember to pick up a few items to help protect your favorite Apple devices like screen protectors.  Find a few new chargers to keep your battery always at 100%.  Invest in a great charging cord while they are on sale.  In fact buy a few one for every room in the house.  Even look at using your iPhone to create great quality videos with a new lens.

1). Safe Sleeve Anti-Radiation Iphone Screen Protector

iphone 7 anti radiation case


Iphones are an expensive product.  It can be devastating to find that you have scratched the screen of your iPhone.  Honestly there are the five stages of grief when you find a bad scratch on your phone. Denial.

You vigorously try to wipe the scratch away even though it is obvious it is the size of the Grand Canyon. Anger. You may scream at the world to try to understand why the screen isn't more durable. 

Bargaining. This is the most desperate of all the steps.  You wish you had just paid more attention to what you were doing. Then the whole situation would be different and you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

Depression. You may question why you must ruin all great things in your life. Finally you get to acceptance. The scratch is a valuable lesson in the life of an iPhone user and it will never happen again.

All jokes aside a scratch on your iphone screen can be devastating. But what's worse is coming to the understanding that cell phones emit dangerous radiation. Without a proper screen protector; you and your loved ones are subject the various effects of harmful radiation.

That's why the number one cyber Monday gift of 2017 is an anti radiation phone case.

An anti-radiation phone case not only protects your cell phone screen from drops, damage, and scrapes but more importantly protects the user from scientifically proven radiation. 

If you want to score the hottest gift this Cyber Monday at a major discount, go with a case from Safe Sleeve. 

Air Vent Wireless Car Charger

iPhone Air Vent Wireless Car Charger


We all live our lives on the go.  Smartphones have made it much easier to travel and still stay connected with the people around us.  It is simple to quickly check your email as you are in between errands.  Or make a quick phone call as you are shopping for a few things you need.  The problem is when your phone's battery starts to dwindle.  Typical car chargers can be slow and who wants to fumble with plugging their phone in as they drive when they realize it is dying?

There are wireless car chargers for iPhones that make it much easier to keep your phone fully charged at all times.  Some clip onto your air vents so they are easily accessible as you drive. 

The charger uses a magnet to hold onto your phone as it charges.  That means no hassling with putting your phone into a cradle and no cord to plug in.  Simple put your phone over the charger and it is set into place.

As soon as your phone is touching the charger it will start to charge.  It is still within reach when you need to get out of the car and there are no strings attached.  Literally.  These chargers are easy to assemble and take virtually no installation since they clip onto the air vents.

Video Lenses

Video Lenses for iPhone


There are many people who have discovered the wonderful world of clip on lenses for taking photos with their iPhone or iPad.  In a similar fashion there are also clip on or plug in adapters to help your device take great videos.  These adapters typically pair with an app that you download onto the iPhone. 

Depending on what you are looking for there are different qualities that you may look for in one of these devices.  Some of the plug in or clip on video adapters concentrate on movement. 

They help you capture real time events that are packed full of energy and movement.  Meaning those that are athletic will enjoy creating videos as they take on their next adventure.

Others concentrate on the sound quality when paired with crisp and clear video.  No matter what you want to do from record yourself learning a new skate trick to record your cover of a favorite song there is an adapter to help you achieve this.

These video adapters will change the way your iPhone is able to take video.  They give you more options for how you record your videos and will give you different quality videos than if you simply used the camera alone. 

Durable Lightning Cable

Durable Lightning Cable for iPhone


Nothing is more annoying than going to charge your iPhone or iPad and finding that your lightning cable has broken.  It always seems like there is only one cable in the house when it finally goes out.  There is no way to charge until you buy a new one from the store.  Meaning you have to conserve the last bit of your battery or face the world without your phone.

Look for a lightning cable that is made from durable materials.  The cheap ones you can buy will work for a time but they ultimately break.  It always seems like the cheaper you go the longer it takes to charge your device as well. 

The other problem often faced with charging cables is the fact they are so short.  When you get a cable with your device it is a standard length of three feet.  While this seems like more than enough once you plug it into the outlet and try to put your device on a table you find out just how short this really is.

Avoid the balancing act that comes with a short charging cable.  When you lay your iPhone or iPad precariously on top of something so it can charge within arms reach.  It almost always ends up falling down and hopefully not damaging the device.

Instead of this headache just go buy a longer cable.  There are cables that range from three feet up to ten feet.  Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room and opt for the longer cable.  At some point you are going to want to plug in your device and still use it from the comfort of your couch. 

Portable Charger

Portable Charger for iPhone


No one ever wants to be without their phone.  The most dreaded image anyone can see is the battery in the corner of their screen almost out of juice.  It always seem like your device is running low on juice when you are nowhere near a charger. 

Unless you are lucky enough to have a wall charger and cord with you it is unlikely you are going to find one just laying around as you go throughout your day.  Instead of giving up and just letting your phone die invest in a portable charger. 

There are many types of portable chargers available.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors depending on what is most important to you.  If you want something that is going to match your phone look for a smaller power pack that comes in a sleek design.  If you are more concerned with the power behind the device you may want to opt for a more muted design.

These power packs are charged through a USB until they are ready to go.  Once you have a fully charged power pack you are ready to hook up your USB to lightning cable and be on your way.  You never have to be without juice again.

This Cyber Monday look for a power pack that is able to hold more than one charge.  There are some that are able to charge your device up to four times before it needs to be charged again.  Look for good deals on the more expensive power packs so you never have to worry. 

The best part about power packs is the fact they are made to be portable.  They typically slip into your pocket with ease and some even allow the cord to be stored flush with the device so it isn't hanging out.  They are easy to store in a purse, pocket, or even in the car for those charging on the go moments.

Cyber Monday is about getting great deals.  There are many products to choose from and so many stores that are starting to participate more in Cyber Monday sales.  You will not want to miss the great deals that are out there.

The best part about Cyber Monday is shopping from the comfort of your own home.  You can quickly look at all of the sites you want and choose what products are going to be the best deal for you.  Be sure to catch a few of these great products for your iPhone and iPad.  These are must have accessories for those Apple products we love.