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A wallet is an important personal gear for every individual. This is where you keep your money, your identification cards, your credit cards, and even some photos of your loved ones. You also take it each time you get out of the house. Nowadays, though, there is another special wallet that is getting more and more attention from people. This is called an RFID Blocking Wallet.


What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new kind of electro magnetic technology that gives your cards the capability to make contact-less payments with an additional layer of security. The RFID chip stores all of the information that the owner might need in order to process a successful transaction, such as your name, the card number, and the expiration date of the card, among others. If your new card is RFID-enabled, you will see a wifi symbol that faces sideways. This card has a prominent rectangular chip that is embedded on the front part of the card. This chip is called the EVM or Europay Visa Mastercard.


Reasons to upgrade to a RFID blocking wallet

With the existence of RFID technology, you can put your card into a card reader and allow the machine to scan it in order to make a transaction. You can even do so without having the need to remove your card from your wallet, if your wallet is a regular one. In this case, criminals can set up a counterfeit card reader of their own, called a skimmer, and scan your card without your knowledge and permission. This allows them to get your information. Here are the top three reasons why you should upgrade your regular wallet to a RFID blocking one.


1. Protects your cards from magnetic waves – The RFID technology primarily uses magnetic waves in order to make contact-less transactions possible. When a card reader scans the card, there is transmission of information through these magnetic waves. In this case, an RFID blocking wallet will protect your cards from the magnetic waves, thereby, making it impossible for a criminal to scan your cards and get your personal information. Without the transmission of magnetic waves, contact-less transactions will not push through.
2. Protects your ID's to help you avoid identity theft – Through skimming, not only will a criminal be able to get your card information, he can also get your sensitive personal information. These sensitive personal information may include your Social Security number, your Tax Identification number, and others. If a criminal gets a hold of such information, he can use your name and your information to purchase things, apply for loans, or even do other criminal activities. All of these can happen without your knowledge. Using a RFID blocking wallet will help you avoid the consequences of being a victim of identity theft. Read on Protectmyid Review and other identity theft protection reviews to know more about how to battle identity theft.
3. Ensures the safety of your cards through safe and non vulnerable transactions – Since the RFID blocking wallet essentially blocks anyone without authority to gather information from your RFID cards, you can assure yourself that your cards are safe. You will only be able to use the cards through safe and non vulnerable transactions.

The Solution

In addition to being anti-radiation and protective, SafeSleeve’s cell phone cases include RFID blocking card slots. Owning one will not only prevent the dangers of unauthorized skimming and identity theft, but will also afford you the ability to leave your wallet or purse at home and carry your critical cards in one safe and secure location. Click below to order your anti-radiation and RFID blocking SafeSleeve cell phone case today!


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