Cell Phone Radiation Warning Law Passed in Berkeley, CA


The progressive city of Berkeley, CA has been fighting for years to increase awareness about cell phone radiation. Led by Ellie Marks (Brain Tumor Association), who believes her husband's brain tumor was caused by the many hours he spent speaking on his cell phone, the "Right to Know Ordinance" has successfully pushed for the city to require warnings at the point of purchase that explain the risks of holding your cell phone directly to your ear and storing it in your pocket.

While the Right to Know Ordinance has faced push back from the cell phone industry for years, the new law was passed because it simply warns the public of what the cell phone industry already knows and acknowledges: using your cell phone directly on your body exceeds radiation limits set by the FCC.

This is a big step in the right direction in bringing awareness to the risks of cell phone radiation, but there is still a long way to go. Warning the public about being above the FCC limit when your phone is in direct contact with your body is a good start, but the bigger problem is the limits themselves which many believe are too high.

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Read more and see video about the Right to Know law here.

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