Cell Phone Radiation Destroys Sperm, Studies Say

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Image source: The Telegrah

Men should think twice before putting their cell phones in their jean pocket. New studies show that “prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation steadily destroys sperm”, Daily Mail Online reported.

There is extensive research on the deleterious effects to our health of cell phone use. This being said, the public seemed unfazed by the said health risks. For one, these electronic devices have become an indispensable component of our day-to-day activities.

As a matter of fact, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrates that 40 percent of households in the United States have pulled the plug on their traditional telephone use. On the demographic scale, 65 percent of adults that are between 25 to 29 years old don’t use telephones anymore.

Using cell phones presents certain advantages, such as handiness and functionality. However, these boons have their fair share of banes.

Cell Phone Radiation and Sperm Damage

There are studies that link the radio frequency waves (RF waves) from our cell phones, including the iPhone, to male infertility. In fact, cell phone radiation is among the environmental factors that have an effect on a man’s ability to have children.

According to one study, “smartphones damage sperm’s availability and ability to swim, effectively lowering the sperm count.” The main culprit? Clipping your mobile device on the belt or leaving it in your jean pockets. Both these areas are near a man’s genitals. With this, you are making your testicles vulnerable to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).

RF-EMR is said to impair the quality of sperm. RF waves contain extremely high levels of damaging free radicals, which affect sperm motility and viability. According to Dr. Ashok Agarwal, Director of the Kidney Institute at Cleveland, Ohio, smartphone radiation has an effect on a man’s sperm quality when it is at 2.5 centimeters from the groin.

This being said, further studies need to be conducted to ascertain whether the effects are the same at other distances.

In a different study published in PLOS One, RF-EMR was found to “decrease the motility and vitality of human spermatozoa.” Scientists also illustrate the direct relationship of smartphone use and dwindling sperm count during the 2013 symposium on the “Effect of Smartphones and Wi-Fi on Children, Fetuses, and Fertility.” Based from these experts, resting your cell phones in your pockets for 4 hours each day will significantly reduce your sperm count by half.

When a man’s testicular barrier is exposed to RF-EMR, the mitochondrial DNA of sperm is impaired. This is because the testicular barrier that shields a man’s sperm is 100 times more absorptive.

An article from The Telegraph also illustrated how our smartphones are “cooking” a man’s sperm. A study conducted by British experts showed that 47 percent of men who carried their smartphones in their jean pockets during the day have lower sperm levels. This is caused by “heating of the sperm and by the electromagnetic field.”

Protection from RF-EMR

You can start taking care of yourself by minimizing your cell phone use. Moreover, put your phone in your shirt pockets instead of keeping it near your groin. It is best if you will have a new storage spot for your phones anywhere above your belt.

It is highly advised that you use cell phone cases that have radiation shielding technology. SafeSleeve has cell phone and laptop cases for the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series and more that can protect you from the harmful RF-EMR.