Cell Phone Radiation During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?



Behavioral difficulties in children are becoming more common these days. As a matter of fact, a study from Northwestern Medicine shows that the number of school-aged children suffering from inattention and hyperactivity disorder increased by 66 percent in the last decade.

While the main cause of hyperactivity disorder is yet to be scientifically determined, several studies have linked pre-natal and post-natal exposure to smartphones with behavioral problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Cell Phone Radiation and Pregnancy: Should Expecting Mothers Limit Their Cell Phone Use?

An article from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health cited that further research is still needed to have a better understanding of the effects of cell phone radiation exposure to infants and developing children.

Having said that, scientists and health advocates are urging expecting mothers to be cautious when using their handheld devices, like smartphones.

In a study published by the Danish National Birth Cohort (DNBC), children exposed to cell phones prenatally and postnatally were observed to be associated with behavioral difficulties.

This research was replicated with a bigger sample size to determine if it will yield the same results. The findings correlated behavioral problems among children aged 7 with exposure to wireless radiation from cell phone use.

A breakthrough research from Yale School of Medicine demonstrated how cell phone use in pregnant women influences the brain development of their children. The scientists also found out that such an effect could cause hyperactivity and impaired memory in the offspring.

Using mice as the test subjects, the team of researchers discovered that fetal exposure to electromagnetic radiation, such as from cell phone use, affects their behavior. According to Dr. Hugh Taylor, one of the lead authors of the study, the brain’s electrical activity of adult mice was measured.

These mice were subjected to radiofrequency radiation similar to the ones from cell phones -- from the fetal stage to the adult phase. After conducting a series of psychological and behavioral tests, the team discovered that the subjects exhibited hyperactivity and memory impairment compared to the control group.

“We have shown that behavioral problems in mice that resemble ADHD are caused by cell phone exposure in the womb. The rise in behavioral disorders in human children may be in part due to fetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure,” Dr. Taylor concluded.

A separate research from the Environment International Journal involving mother and child pairs from Denmark, Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, and Norway also delineated the consequences of cell phone radiation and pregnancy. The study established the connection between maternal cell phone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in the offspring.


Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation


Research shows that infants and developing children absorb more radiation compared to adults; therefore, it is crucial that parents safeguard them from radiofrequency radiation, especially those in the womb.

Deniz Unay, a Turkey-based social media marketing specialist, said that it all boils down from simple lifestyle adjustments. He suggested that people should avoid handheld devices, such as laptops and cell phones, from having direct contact with the body when using them.

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