UK - Lady Claims Cell Phone Caused Her Terminal Breast Cancer

Ms Holt was diagnosed with  inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of the disease, and underwent chemotherapy

Wendy Holt, 51, used a cell phone for 10 years and usually stored it in her bra for easy access. Sadly, she believes that was the cause of her aggressive case of terminal breast cancer. 

"I will obviously never be able to prove it, and I know there's a lot of debate around the issue, but I firmly believe the phone radiation is to blame for my cancer," said Holt. 

"I want to speak out to make other people stop the habit."


Can You Get Radiation from Cell Phones


While there is still a need for long term studies for the general public to start accepting the risks associated with our use of personal electronic devices, this is yet another alarming instance to support the notion that there is a need for concern. 

We will continue to hold out hope for Wendy, help spread her message and strive to offer a convenient option for anyone looking for protection from cell phone and laptop radiation.

Source: Daily Mail