5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

how to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

For years, Doctors and Scientists have warned that prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation may have serious health effects. Thanks to a $25 million US government study and numerous others, there is now evidence to support the claims.

There are FCC established limits for cell phone radiation emission levels; however, they are based on 20 year old standards. In addition, most cell phone manufacturers can circumvent the standards by including warnings buried deep within their phones’ manuals that advise users to keep their phones away from their bodies.

So What Can You Do?

Regardless of your level of concern for your personal health, your cell phone is probably an integral part of your life that you can no longer function without. The good news is there are ways to reduce your exposure without giving it up.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

  1. Buy a Lab Tested Radiation Blocking Case. There are several cell phone cases on the market that claim to block cell phone radiation. However, we could only find one with lab testing to prove that it effectively blocks up to 99% of both ELF and RF radiation (many only block RF radiation), was stylish, and had the reviews to back it up. SafeSleeve makes anti radiation cases that even include a convenient RFID blocking wallet and a built-in stand.
  2. Avoid Close Contact. Radiation from electronic devices has what is known as a high decay rate, meaning levels reduce to almost nothing at a distance of just 5-8 inches depending on the source.
  3. Use Speaker Phone. Avoid placing your phone directly up to your head by using speaker phone or a wired headset. Avoid wireless headsets which use Bluetooth or another form of RF radiation to communicate with your phone.
  4. Use Airplane Mode When Not in Use. Airplane mode reduces some of the radiation from your device by eliminating signal from entering and exiting. Some radiation, specifically ELF, will still exist.
  5. Power Down at Night. Turn your phone off at night to avoid unnecessary exposure while you sleep.