Gwyneth Paltrow's Reviews the Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation and Electro-Sensitivity

Image source:, founded by Actor Gwyneth Paltrow, has just published an insightful article on the potential toxicity of our personal electronics (cell phones, laptops etc.) usage. In the article, Goop interviews three notable experts in the field to shed some light on the highly controversial topic. 

Can Cell-Phone Exposure Cause Cancer? 


The general consensus from the three experts about the potential risks of our exposure is alarming to say the least. One of the guests, Dr. David Carpenter, warns that "strong evidence" shows that exposure to Radio Frequencies (RF) and Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), emitted by our phones and laptops, increase the chances of brain cancer and childhood leukemia respectively. 

Dr. Devra Davis, award winning epidemiologist, posits that the risks to children are clearly even greater: "the brains and immune systems of children are still developing; they are not just little adults. Even relatively low exposure can interrupt normal brain or reproductive development, which is not complete until a child enters their twenties." 

This interview, which can be read in full in the link below, perfectly encapsulates the current understanding of the potential risks of our increasing use of electronics. Like so many experts, the interviewees advise caution and awareness and to reduce exposure as much as possible.

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