French PhoneGate Scandal: Smartphone Radiation Higher than Manufacturers Claim




The French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) has been adamant in releasing the controversial 2015 report about the radiation test conducted in 95 mobile phones, but not until last week.

A court order forced the agency to communicate to the public this data, which is now being referred as ‘PhoneGate.’ Based on the document, 89 percent of the phones in question have surpassed the standard limit on smartphone radiation, with some by 300 percent. This just shows that these cell phones discharge up to four times the radiation that manufacturers assert.


Are Smartphone Manufacturers Misleading the Public?

As per the Environmental Health Trust, the cellphone models that were measured are from popular smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. When tested in direct contact with the body, some models of these cellphones have emitted radiation as high as thrice the radiation levels that its manufacturers claim. After the test was conducted back in 2015, the government declined to reveal the findings.

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Dr. Marc Arazi, a medical doctor and radiation health activist, was the one who brought legal action against the French government. This was after his petition to release ‘PhoneGate’ was declined by AFNR.

Just last week, the results of the test was made public after the high court compelled AFNR and the government to do so. In a statement, Dr. Arazi said that he is “deeply concerned about what this means for our health and especially the health of our children.” He also added that the consumers are entitled to know that using smartphones the way we do it results to cell phone radiation. Examples are putting the cell phone in the pockets, and fielding and receiving phone calls directly.

‘PhoneGate’, Anyone?

 A lot of people, including Dr. Arazi, have monikered the smartphone radiation test result as ‘PhoneGate.’ Apparently, the coined term was in reference to the diesel emission tests performed in the lab instead on the road.

In the case of Volkswagen, the car company ‘deliberately’ programmed their cars to give off less pollutants when tested in the lab. According to reports, Volkswagen manipulated its cars to trick the regulators.

 On one hand, ‘PhoneGate’ is about the huge disparity between how smartphone radiation is tested and how consumers actually use them for real. For instance, cell phones in the United States are tested at 5 mm to 15 mm away from the body.

But in reality, we receive and field calls by pressing the smartphone directly to our ears — not 5 mm to 15 mm away. The same idea applies when carrying our phones or tucking them in the bras.

‘The Children are the Most Vulnerable’

 If you are going to ask the founder of the Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Devra Davis, the children are the most vulnerable to smartphone radiation. We see kids playing with cell phones to keep them occupied. Young adults also sleep with their smartphones placed on their chest or opposite their heads.

Based on France’s National Agency of Health Security of Food, Environment, and Labour, the public, in general, is oblivious to the instruction to not put the cell phone directly against our body.

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