Revisiting the Link Between Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

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If you are going to ask anyone about the one thing that they couldn’t live without, their answer will be their cell phones. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization estimates that there are 6.9 billion cell phones in the entire planet.

Of course, the convenience and entertainment that our smartphones bring cannot be refuted. However, safety concerns, especially regarding cell phone radiation, are still moot.

Is cell phone radiation something to be concerned about?

Your cell phone emits radiofrequency radiation (RF radiation). To illustrate how harmful RF radiation is, scientists from the US National Toxicology Program conducted a study where rats were subjected to RF radiation for nine hours each day. The results showed that the rats exposed to RF radiation developed cancer in the brain and heart.

This being said, there are other studies and some health organizations that raised doubts about the link of cancer and cell phone radiation. For instance, the American Cancer Society stands firm on its opinion that there is nothing to be worried about exposure to RF radiation from cell phone use. Nonetheless, they called studies concerning this matter as “good science.”

Just recently, NBC2 investigated the relationship of cell phone radiation and cancer based on a study launched by IIT Research Institute. As per the director of the research facility, “there may be a health hazard.”

On their study, 3,000 rats and mice were continuously subjected to high levels of RF radiation for the same number of hours that a normal person would use his/her iPhone or smartphone.

This two-year research showed that some female rats developed cancer, while there were recorded incidents of progression of heart and brain tumors among male rats.

Moreover, NBC2 investigators also discussed the radiation coming from cell towers. According to their report, cell towers and cell phones emit the same harmful radiation that caused cancer in rats. Surprisingly, nine cell towers were constructed within two county school districts.

When asked for a reaction, the interviewed parents expressed anger, dismay and concern over these structures on school grounds. One parent was quoted, “How can you make health decisions that could potentially danger my kid, without caring about my input or anything?”

Although both cell towers and cell phones emit RF radiation, distance is the biggest factor to how susceptible you are into this type of radiation. RF exposure decreases as you move away from the source. But since we are typically right next to our phones, we are quite defenseless from RF exposure.

Protecting Yourself from the Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

One way on how to block cell phone radiation is by using an iPhone radiation case or a cell phone radiation case. SafeSleeve offers anti-radiation cases for your cell phones, laptops and tablets.

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There are also other approaches on protecting yourself from RF radiation. Experts suggest that you use your headset or activate your cell phone’s handsfree mode when sending or receiving calls. Remember that you can still stay connected with everyone without putting yourself at risk.