Wireless Headphones - Practical, but not the best solution.

Apple has once again set the Internet abuzz over its recent market offering – the Airpods – not purely on account of its sleek and stylish design, but because of the associated health concerns in its technology.

As a matter of fact, news reports circulated online regarding a signed declaration of over 200 scientists in more than 40 countries that warned about the risks associated with using wireless headphones, such as the Airpods.

While the context of such reports is misleading, one thing is for sure: People should start taking the health effects of constant exposure to the radiation from smartphones and other wireless devices more seriously.

Apple wireless bluetooth headset 

Are Bluetooth Earbuds Safe? 

The wireless technology promises to deliver better sound quality and sleeker device design, but is it at the expense of the consumer’s health?

According to Dr. Anthony Miller, a Senior Adviser at the Environment Health Trust, “Apple acknowledges in their fine print – often hidden – that cell phones should be kept away from the ears.” Wireless headphones, such as the Airpods, utilize a magnetic induction field when users communicate with other people. This increases the risk of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) absorption by the brain.”

Since wireless technology is relatively new, Dr. Devra Lee Davis, founder, and president of the Environment Health Trust said that further studies are needed to clearly establish the effects of long-term exposure to radiation from wireless technologies.

While there is no concrete proof that this technology is 100 percent safe, health advocates and researchers are still apprehensive about the effects to human health of these devices.

Scientists warns against Apple Airpods


Scientists are also alarmed by how the regulations are being outpaced by the boom of wireless technology since this could potentially lead to adverse health problems. In fact, Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the University of California – Berkeley, said that the effects of radiation from smartphones and Bluetooth devices in the brain have not been thoroughly studied, more so the regulations that will limit such exposure hasn’t been implemented yet.

Fox News Medical Correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel claims prolonged exposure to the radiation emitted from these wireless headphones causes increased cancer risks disrupting the cells of your brain and calcium channels of your brain. He also mentions how prolonged exposure can lead to ADHD which is on the rise according to recent studies.  

Could wireless headphones HARM your health? Public health professor warns radiation of AirPods are just as bad 

AirPods and EMF Radiation: What We Know So Far

Animal studies involving RFR suggested links to cancer. In 2011, radiofrequency radiation was classified as a possible human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This was based on the increased risk of brain cancer associated with smartphone use.

Just last year, decades-long research by the National Toxicology Program showed that a high-level of RFR exposure causes cancer in rats.   

These findings prompted scientists to appeal for “more oversight and warnings for all radio wave-based technologies, including the intensity of RFR to the human ears and brain” as the Daily Mail reported in their recent article.

Apple Airpods harmful radiation


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently came up with guidelines regarding the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) limit that the consumers are allowed to be exposed to. However, some say that even at low levels, EMF radiation is still carcinogenic.


What You Can Do

Smartphone users can take special precautions to at least minimize the effects of radiofrequency radiation. According to Dr. Santosh Kesari of the John Wayne Cancer Institute, the safest way of fielding or receiving long calls will be through the speakerphones or wired earphones.

Cell phone users can also use smartphone anti-radition cases and headphones air tube headphones that are proven to shield the harmful EMF radiation. Check out our cases and sleeves for your laptops, cell phones, tablets, and air tube headsets here.