WTHR Indianapolis Investigates Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer


Ever since mobile phones and cell phones were introduced in the market, our dependence and usage of these devices has increased substantially.

As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by a smartphone company found out that when there’s a fire, most cell phone users will save their cell phone above all things.

Yes, we can do a lot with our smartphones. We can add some notes on it, use it for correspondence, search the Internet, and record data and other important events in our life, among other things. But did you know that our smartphones are slowly putting our health at risk?

Link Between Cancer and Cell Phone Use

What actually makes cell phones dangerous? These electronic devices emit radio frequency waves through their antennas. In turn, tissues in our body absorb this non-ionizing radiation.

Advertisements by telecommunications companies have convinced us for so long that the radio waves given off by cell phones are harmless. But recent studies prove otherwise.

In Indianapolis, a 29-year old man succumbed to glioblastoma. The main culprit? His cell phone.

According to the mother, her son spent at least two hours daily talking on his cell phone. What makes it more interesting is that the tumor was found at the same side of the head that he uses when calling from his phone.

The link between cancer and smartphone use was further established by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) statement in 2011. As per the agency, the non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell phones is classified as a potential carcinogen.

Although there were following conflicting statements, data and reports from other studies and government agencies, a $30 million RF research elucidated the relationship of cell phone use with cancer.

Based on the decade-long research, the rats that were subjected to the same RF radiation from cell phones developed cancerous brain tumors. In addition, they contracted a schwannoma of the heart.

There are also other studies that correlate smartphone use with breast cancer. According to the Environmental Health Trust (ETH), the soft, fatty tissue in women’s breasts absorbs RF radiation from smartphones.

In fact, doctors advise women not to keep their cell phones near their bras as there were reported cases of breast cancer due to this kind of storage method.

People who started using their smartphones as early as 13 years old are found to be four to five times more likely to develop brain cancer. Moreover, men who are frequently exposed to RF radiation have high chances of faulty sperm and damaged mitochondrial DNA.

Protecting Yourself from RF Radiation

The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) advised the public to only use their cell phones when making short phone calls or when a landline is not available. It is also recommended that smartphone users utilise hands-free technology, such as wired headsets, when calling or receiving calls.

Using iPhone cases that have radiation shielding technology will not only protect your smartphones, but can also keep you from harm.

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