Wendy Mesley Exposes Cell Phone Radiation

The city government of Berkeley in California promulgated a new and controversial municipal ordinance. Under the Berkeley Municipal Code § 9.96.030 (A), the city government wants retailers of cell phones in the area to display a poster or a handout that basically tells that we are constantly being exposed to harmful RF radiations from the way we normally carry these devices.

In addition, the notice included a statement that the children are at higher risk of RF exposure. Moreover, the city government advised smartphone users to read the RF safety instructions that can be found on their smartphones.

What makes the city’s new law moot is that the CTIA, a wireless trade group, took legal actions against the city government of Berkeley. As per reports, the basis of the group is the government of Berkeley's violation of the First Amendment. This is for supposedly obliging cell phone retail outlets to post the said notice.

CBC Investigates the Issue

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) investigated the issue at hand. Using a laboratory testing facility certified by the US Government, they found out that the way we normally carry our phones — inside the bra and pockets —resulted in exposure from RF radiation that is beyond the government’s allowed limit. More details of these findings were reported by Wendy Mesley on Marketplace’s “The secret inside your cell phone.”

According to Mesley’s investigation, there is a secret inside our cell phones that others may regard as a warning. It is something that the government requires cell phone makers to divulge to its users. However, a lot of people are oblivious to it, while some can’t seem to find this important message.

This piece of information tells users how they can protect themselves from RF radiation coming from their devices. That said, Mission Research showed that “81 percent of Canadians have never seen the message in their phone or manual about carrying their phone 5-15mm away from the body.”

The show looked into the RF safety of today’s three popular cell phone models: the iPhone 7, LG’s G5, and Samsung Galaxy S7. Based on the conducted tests, these three phone models were below the RF radiation when evaluated at the defined safety distance by the manufacturers. For iPhone7, the safety distance is at 5mm away from the body; LG’s G5 is at 10mm; and Samsung Galaxy 7 is set at 15mm.

However, when these devices were tested at a distance that is immediately close to the body, the RF radiation soared by threefold and fourfold the allowed limit.

Protecting Yourself from Cell Phone RF Radiation

Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada, and his group Canadians for Safe Technology are educating the public about the harmful effects of RF radiation. They submitted over 200 research findings and case studies to Health Canada, which suggest that harm can come about even at RF levels that are below the country’s guidelines.

These include damage to brain proteins, behavioral changes, DNA damage, sperm abnormalities and chronic kidney damage, among other things. The group also wanted smartphone manufacturers to print their RF safety warning at the front of the box where everyone can see it.

According to Dr. Devra Davis, President of the Environment Health Trust (EHT), the public has the right to know that all wireless devices, including smartphones and tablets, have instructions regarding how they can shield themselves from RF radiation.

Health Canada said that there is no need to be concerned about this issue, but gave tips for people who are deeply worried about RF safety. This includes replacing calls with texts; using the hands-free mode when fielding or receiving calls; and encouraging the limited use of cell phones in children.

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