SafeSleeve 2.0 Available Now

Here at SafeSleeve, continuous improvement is something of a company mantra. So, while we were pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received from customers that have experienced the shielding benefits of our first anti-radiation laptop cases, we were not satisfied. With that, we are thrilled to announce SafeSleeve for Laptop 2.0...

SafeSleeve for Laptop 2.0 comes in the same Black and Tan colors that you know and love, with some improvements:

  • Improved Shielding: SafeSleeve 2.0 utilizes an upgraded shielding material that blocks an even wider range of EMF frequencies offering more protection than ever before
  • Upgraded Materials: More premium outer and inner materials offer a sleeker look, improved durability and reduced weight
  • Optimized Sizing: Sizes have been optimized to reflect the latest trends in laptop sizes, providing a more custom fit while maintaining a universal approach

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