SafeSleeve on Indiegogo is a Successful Wrap!

And that’s a wrap. It was a thrilling ride, during which we received overwhelming support from friends, family, fans of our cause, Indiegogo and even some outside media sources. All this amounted to pre-selling roughly 300 sleeves which brought our grand total to $20,964. And it’s all thanks to YOU and your support! The best part is this is just the beginning!

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to bring SafeSleeve to market, and excited to take the next steps in producing our first order so we can ship on or before the estimated date of September. 

If you missed out on this discount opportunity don't worry, we will notify you when we receive our first batch of product. Make sure to like our page ( and sign up for our newsletter ( for the latest iupdates.

As a reminder, we will be emailing those of you who pre-ordered before shipping for your color and size preference if necessary.

Thank You!
The SafeSleeve Team