Cells Phone Radiation & Brain Tumors: Shocking Research Discovery


link between phone radiation and brain tumor

For 15 years, Roberto Romeo has been on the phone for more than three hours a day as part of his work. However, things changed when he started experiencing multiple hearing problems back in 2010.

Aside from this feeling that something is anchored deep in his ear canal, he also became stone deaf in his left ear. The main culprit? A benign tumor that was brought about by extensive cell phone use.

The Link Between Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumors


Multiple research has shown the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. There is the development of cancer, the decrease in sperm fertility and motility among men, and now, brain tumors.

The case of Roberto Romeo, an Italian employee of a telecom company, further cemented the decades-long research on cell phone radiation and its effects to humans.

Having said that, Malcolm Sperrin was quoted from Reuters saying that “Great caution is needed before we jump to conclusions about mobile phones and brain tumors.” Sperrin is the director of medical physics and clinical engineering at Britan’s Royal Berkshire Hospital. For him, the adjudication of the Italian court should not be the basis of broad conclusions on the matter of brain tumors and cell phone radiation.

According to the Daily Mail, the trial court that ruled in favor of Romeo is the first in the world that acknowledged the direct relationship of mobile phone use and the progression of brain tumors. As a result, Romeo is set to receive $7,500 annually from the telecom giant he works for.

Stefano Bertone, Romeo’s attorney, said that one of the contributing factors why the court adjudicated in favor of his client was the court’s non-acceptance of the studies backed by telecom giants.

These researches show that there is no direct link between cell phone use and cancer, or in the case of Romeo, the development of brain tumors.

brain tumor from cell phone radiationIn a study conducted by French researchers, they found out that cell phone use for at least 30 minutes daily for five years can triple the likelihood of developing certain kinds of brain cancer.

In Romeo’s case, he used the company’s cell phone for more than three hours a day in fielding and receiving phone calls. This routine continued for 15 years without Romeo taking any preventive measure.

The study also suggests that the effects of cell phone radiation are higher in people who intensively use their smartphones, particularly to those who utilize cell phones in their work.

The Daily Mail also reported that Codacons consumer protection agency is examining a possible class action. They are also urging the country’s social security agency to recognize the health effects of cell phone radiation.

Cell Phone Radiation - How Can You Protect Yourself?

The best way for consumers to thwart the risks of cell phone radiation is to employ safety measures. One of which is reducing the frequency of their cell phone use. Bertone also advised the public to use specialized anti-radiation ear buds.

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