iPhone XR and 11 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone XR and 11 Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

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A premium tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone XR (10R) and 11 that provides seamless, full glass coverage for the front panel of your iPhone to help protect against scratches and cracks.

Comes in your choice of a blue light blocking version and non-blue light blocking. Specially designed to work with SafeSleeve Phone Cases.  

NOTE: SafeSleeve Glass screen protectors do not block radiation. However, they can be used with our anti-radiation phone cases which do. 

ALSO NOTE: For orders outside the US, customs fees may apply upon receipt of your order

  • Blue Light Protection (Optional) - Minimizes blue light to help reduce eye strain, headaches, and sleeplessness.
  • Scratch Resistant - Best in class 9H hardness tempered glass prevents scratches. 
  • Crystal Clear - 99.9% transparency glass provides perfect clarity. 
  • Anti-fingerprint - Oleophobic coating, like that on your phone screen, helps minimize fingerprints.
  • Shatter Proof - Protective film keeps glass together and prevents shards.
  • Touch Sensitive - Uninhibited touch sensitivity and 3d touch compatible. 
  • Easy Installation - Includes full installation kit with cleaning wipe for simple, bubble free install in minutes.
  • SafeSleeve Case Compatible - Specially designed for use with SafeSleeve phone cases.