Learn About Cell Phone Radiation

Why Should I Care About Cell Phone Radiation? 

Let’s be honest, we’re addicted to our smartphones. According to an ABC news report, the average person checks their phone 150 times per day, not to mention the other 15 hours per day it sits in your pocket. It’s also nothing new that cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation (EMF/EMR) when it’s glued to the side of our head more than 22 times per day. 

This is why most major cell phone manufacturers include a warning--buried deep inside that manual you never read--to keep a certain distance between your body and your phone. Crazy right? The Today Show, and many others, have already warned their viewers/readers of the potential risks, including a study showing twice the risk of infertility in men who use their cell phones for just an hour a day. 

Research shows that the effects of this can be even more harmful in youth and teens due to thinner skull bones which allow for greater exposure of cell phone radiation to the brain. One recent study has even shown a 5 times greater risk of brain cancer (glioma) in people who start using a cell phone before the age of 20. 


"There is a certain amount of radiation that is considered the FCC limit, but that limit is dictated by having the phone about an inch away from your head." -CNN's Dr. Sunjay Gupta

Always Use Protection 

The good news is, we've got you covered. Introducing, SafeSleeve for Cell Phone: a patent pending, stylish solution that seamlessly combines FCC certified lab tested Anti-Radiation and Anti-RFID technology with an impact and scratch resistant case.



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How Does it Work? 

All of your personal electronic devices emit EMR that is comprised of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), Radio Frequencies (RF, Wi-fi, data etc.), both of which are potentially harmful. EMR has a high decay rate which means that only direct contact and close exposure (cell phones, laptops, tablets etc.) is of concern. 

Unlike most anti-radiation products, our integrated FCC certified lab tested shielding technology deflects and absorbs up to 99% of all types of radiation (RF, ELF and Thermal) emitted by your phone to greatly reduce your exposure while still allowing signal to enter and exit the back of the phone.



Protect More Than Just Your Body...

Additional Features:

  • RFID Blocking Wallet -- Did you know thieves can use a $25 device to scan the information from your RFID enabled credit and ID cards right from out of your wallet or purse? Our built-in card slots hold up to 4 cards and block RFID theft! Learn more about our RFID protection here. 
  • Protective Case -- Impact resistant, durable materials provide 360 degree protection to help prevent cracks, dings and scratches and keep your phone looking new.
  • Adjustable Angle Stand -- Easily covert your SafeSleeve into a stand.

SafeSleeve protective case


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