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Magnetic Car Mounts - For Use w/ Detachable Phone Case

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Adhesive Dashboard and Air Vent Clip Styles for Convenient Mounting of Your Phone in Portrait or Landscape in Your Car.



SafeSleeve Magnetic Car Mounts come in two styles that are specially designed to work with our Anti-Radiation, Detachable Cell Phone Cases to provide easy, effective mounting of your phone inside your vehicle. Can be swiveled to adjust angle and allow for portrait or landscape orientations. 

With the full SafeSleeve Magnetic Mounting System, there are no additional items required!

Air Vent Style easily slides onto your vehicle's air vent.

Adhesive Style uses 3M adhesive to attach to any flat surface at any angle, such as your dashboard or desk, without leaving any residue when removed.


Air Vent Style:

Easily slides and clips onto most air vents with horizontal or vertical slats.

Adhesive Style:

Can be applied to almost any flat surface at any angle, including your car dashboard or desk.


  1. Clean the surface with the included alcohol wipe
  2. Wipe dry
  3. Remove the protective film from the 3M adhesive backing
  4. Apply with some pressure
  5. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully stick before placing your phone.


  • The mount is easily removed by slowly peeling and leaves NO RESIDUE!

    *The sticky pad should last if properly installed, but can be replaced with the included replacement.

    1. Do I need to add anything to my phone?
      2. Why are there metal discs included with my mount?
        • The metal discs can be applied to any device you would like to mount, but are not necessary when using with your SafeSleeve Detachable Phone Case.
        3. Will the magnet damage my phone?
          • This device is 100% safe to use with all mobile phones.