ELF and RF Radiation. What They Are and Why You Need to Know About Both

Technology has made everything easier for us. Before cell phones and laptops existed, people spent their time writing letters, communicating through short phone calls, and finding other ways to be closer. Today, everything is different. We are all connected. Cell phones, laptops, and other 'helpful' wireless technology surround us.

But what we are less aware of is that every day, we are swimming in a pool of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF). Even if we don't use our phone as much as other people, we are influenced by the EMF created in our near surrounding.



An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is the area created whenever electricity is generated or used. The invisible lines of EMF contain an amount of electromagnetic energy. Scientists claim EMF to be dangerous to human health as they find a connection with many chronic diseases.

There are two different types of EMF: Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), and Radio Frequency (RF).

#1 Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) is emitted by all electronics and has a frequency range of 3 Hz to 300 Hz. Any electronic that is powered up emits ELF radiation. There is substantial evidence that ELF exposure has a biological influence on human health as it has been shown to create biological interactions that can disturb the system enough to create DNA fragmentation and mutations.

#2 Radio Frequency (RF) fields is the signal that most electronics use to connect with the antennas, including cellular service, data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. RF are considered a part of the group of non-ionizing radiation that has lower levels of transmission power and is incapable of changing the molecules of the human tissue, but can change their behavior.

Radio Frequencies are higher than ELF in a range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz, but both have been shown to create biological effects.



Based on different types of research and analysis, the safety standards for maximum exposure to cell phone and other devices radiation, rely only on the devices' thermal effects (TE). Within years of studies, this has shown to be highly incorrect. The real concerns come from the ignored effects of the non-heating radiation exposure to human tissue, especially the brain.

Radio Frequency Radiation can cause tissue heating, which leads most of the manufacturers to offer protective products just for this type of radiation. On the other hand, there is substantial evidence that shows that Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) can cause tissue damage without heating.

The formal conclusion that serves as a foundation for today's exposure limits and standards exclude the damaging effect of ELF. One of the non-thermal and profoundly ignored effects that EMF (both ELF and RF) has on the human brain are the so-called 'modulation signals' which have no correlation with tissue heating. Which means, the two types of EMFs should be considered dangerous aside from the widely spread belief of RF radiation's 'thermal effects' only.

According to C. Blackman’s article published in Pathophysiology, "modulation signals are one important component in the delivery of EMF signals, to which cells, tissues, organs and individuals can respond biologically. Studies have tested the RF and ELF-modulated RF signals from emerging wireless technologies (cell phones) that rely on pulse-modulated RF to transmit signals."

Furthermore, Blackman concludes, "There is substantial scientific evidence that some modulated fields (pulsed or repeated signals) are bioactive, which increases the likelihood that they could have health impacts with chronic exposure even at very low exposure levels.

“… Current standards have ignored modulation as a factor in human health impacts, and thus are inadequate in the protection of the public in terms of chronic exposure to some forms of ELF-modulated RF signals."




There are multiple health risks that EMFs have on the human body, but the two most critical are:


In the period of 1920-1960, when cell phones did not exist, and the number of devices was insignificant, a testing made by Dr. Samuel Milham regarding the particular period, revealed a positive correlation between cancer rate and early electrification of the homes. This period is the beginning of the man-made EMF radiation and its valuable, but severe results show a proportional growth of cancer among the people as the years passed and more and more homes got electrified.

In his article published in Medical Hypotheses, Dr. Milham explained:

"The diseases of civilization or lifestyle diseases include cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and are thought to be caused by changes in diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle which occur as countries industrialize. I think the critical variable which causes the radical changes in mortality accompanying industrialization is electrification.

"The explosive recent increase in radiofrequency radiation and high frequency voltage transients sources, from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, WiFi and WiMax telecommunication systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment may be leading to a new 21st Century epidemic much like the 20th Century electromagnetic field epidemic."


Other scientist found a correlation between brain cancer and EMF:

  1. Waugh narrates Dr. George's Carlo experience in the area and explains it in his book Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation:

"Despite the withdrawal of industry funding, independent research continued, and scientists all over the world have been expressing their concerns about the dangers of cellphones.

…In February 2006, Dr. Hardell published a paper detailing his findings of patients diagnosed with brain cancer between 2000 and 2003 and found that the increase in risk was steadily strengthening in magnitude and statistical significance as the length of cellphone usage was increasing.”



Studies show that children are more at risk when it comes to this type of radiation. Even in 1979, Dr. Nancy Wertheimer and Leeper Ed found a connection between low frequencies and increased number of children exposed to leukemia.



Many concerns address this issue. Mostly because of the publicly announced studies that tend to 'assure' us that there is no correlation between EMF and the human tissue whatsoever. Although we are swimming in a pool of EMF radiation, these studies show that the only damage the human tissue can suffer from the devices is through heating.

However, our beliefs strongly overlap the above-cited resources and studies performed by established scientists. That is why, our team developed a strategy to cover the exact demands of today's EMF radiation exposure, unlike many other companies that do not offer full protection from both RF EMF and ELF EMF.

If there is no harm of the situation as the mainstream views are trying to influence us, why would there be safety measures and limits set? And more importantly, why would the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal be submitted to the highest International organs in the world, addressing concerns from nobody else than qualified scientists?

Among other things the appeal says: "This $25 million study, executed by the U.S. government, provides support for what we are stating in the 'International EMF Scientist Appeal' that precautionary approach should be exercised, and lower electromagnetic field exposure guidelines should be set."

All of this information is more than enough proof that the situation is vital. Unlike other companies, SaveSleeve's developed a better understanding of the influence ELF has by developing lab-tested devices that will guarantee your protection.

All of our cases incorporate our Radiation Shielding Technology that has been tested in an FCC certified lab to show reductions of Electromagnetic Radiation of up to 99%. Unlike most other products, it blocks all types of radiation from your electronics: Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), Radio Frequencies (RF) and Thermal (heat).


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