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Cell phone radiation

There is a pressing issue that has developed with the growth of technology use.  Technology in the form of laptops, tablets, and smartphones aids in all aspects of life.

These lovely little devices are able to provide communication, entertainment, and can even be used for work.  There is something that these devices provide that many people are unaware of, radiation.  Fortunately, SafeSleeve has a solution to this health hazard.

Hidden Dangers

When someone encounters the word radiation they understand that their health can be affected.  However, there are few people that think about the radiation that their portable technology gives off.

As people have learned that these devices give off radiation, there has been an increased number of studies to learn about the effects that it could have on the human body.

 Radiation and The Human Body 

Radiation can affect the human body, especially when it is being emitted from a device that is close to a person.  Unfortunately, all portable devices are used within close proximity to the body. 

Whether talking on a smartphone, playing a game on a tablet or even send emails on a laptop these devices are typically within the six to eight-inch range that can be harmful.

Get Protected Today

SafeSleeve provides cases for many devices to help protect against the harmful effects of radiation.  They make for great gifts, as well as, something to purchase for oneself to stay away from any dangers of radiation. 

When ordering a SafeSleeve product there will be free shipping for any order from the US.  Simply pay for the case that is most appealing and get it shipped at no additional cost.

No Regrets

There are few people that regret taking steps to better their health.  However, in the event any case does not satisfy a customer they are able to return it.  SafeSleeve wants every customer to protect themselves from radiation and they would like them to be completely satisfied with their purchase.


All cases are constructed with high-quality materials.  The design team makes sure that each case works to direct harmful radiation away from the body while still allowing all devices to function properly.  The cases are not only functional but they are also aesthetically appealing.  Each case has a choice of color and style.

If a customer begins using their case and finds it is not perfect for their everyday life, they may use the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  The product can be returned for a refund. 

Any problems that a case may have can be addressed and a new case can be exchanged if desired.  To get a refund or exchange a customer must only get a message to the support team at

Protecting the Devices

It is important to protect the devices as well as the person using them.  Each case is able to protect a device if the owner drops it. 

Having a durable case around a device can save a person from the unfortunate situation of a cracked screen or a broken internal component.  The cases are able to protect devices with the 360 Degree Drop Protection.

Just for Phones

A bonus protection has been put into the SafeSleeve phone cases.  Each phone case comes with pockets to store important cards like credit cards.  To help protect against theft there is RFID Blocking technology in each case.

This technology helps to block someone from stealing information from a card.  RFID technology is radio-frequency identification which stores the information needed to communicate with card readers to make a purchase. 

With this information, a stranger could steal personal information as well as money from an unsuspecting credit card user.  When a card is in a SmartSleeve case that has this blocking technology no information can be stolen.

Tested and True

Many cases are available for purchase that claim to have RFID technology as well as radiation protection.  The unfortunate truth is that many companies do not effectively protect against these dangers. 

They may have a case that mostly protects against these dangers but they do not advertise their research.  Instead, they make claims with no proof that their product works.

SafeSleeve is dedicated to ensuring each product truly protects their customers.  To make sure their products work as advertised their technology is tested in an FCC certified lab. 

The findings for these tests are available for customers to read.  With the information available to the public a customer can make a better decision on whether or not SafeSleeve is a product for them. 

Two Types of Radiation

SafeSleeve protects against radiation and the cases are able to deter two types of radiation from harming the user.  Through testing the cases have been found to protect against radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies which many products do not concentrate on.


When a device communicates through its antenna it will emit a radio frequency.  This RF radiation is deterred up to 99% by the radiation blocking technology in each case. 

By using a case on devices that will be close to the body this radiation is directed away without blocking any signals for information that is transmitted out. 

ELF radiation is often forgotten by competitor's products.  SafeSleeve protects against this type of radiation as well.  By stopping both types of radiation from reaching the body, the case is helping to better protect its user. 

Anti-Radiation cases comparison

Technology is always going to be a part of a person's life.  Even if a person tries to limit their time on a device that emits radiation, they will still come into contact with it. 

Use of these devices can affect the body and a person's health.  Fighting against these harmful effects is what SafeSleeve would like to do for all of their customers.

SafeSleeve has concentrated on making a product that is sleek and effective.  Each design is carefully planned and crafted to better aid a person in using their device while protecting their body. 

These cases come with bonus features like wallet slots, a stand to prop up a device and protection around the entire device.  Buying a SafeSleeve product will help prolong the life of a device as well as protect against the harmful effects of using the device.